July 19, 2012

TGAT : Bourjois Paris Bubble Chic Blogger Afternoon Tea

So this is where, when and how the maximizing of the tea party effect finally happened!

BOURJOIS Paris Middle East team invited us bloggers over an afternoon tea at Hey Sugar in JBR last Sunday, July 15. Honestly, when I received the e-invite some 2 weeks prior the event, I let out an appropriate blogger squee because it was addressed to me personally and not with the default Dear Blogger template. And then when I received another invite, this time it arrived at my doorstep, I just had to let out another squee because it made me feel legit. Funny right? I am such a big dealer of the little things... I know! Thank you for indulging me, Bourjois Paris Team!

On the day of the event, in a very typical The Girl and The City fashion, I encountered some glitches yet and again! One day, I'll master the art of commuting in Dubai. For now, I'll be fine with what seems to be a never ending trial and error process. Good thing Marie from Bourjois was kind enough to contact me while I was still on the Metro and I was able to ask for specific details to tell the cabbie. However three of them decided on turning me down so when I finally found myself climbing the steps towards a quaint little store accentuated with stripes and polka-dot details, I wanted to do a happy monkey dance! Finally, Hey Sugar Bakeshop, I'm here!
The bakeshop interior is like a teenage dream! It's as if I entered an entirely different dimension. The creative people behind Bourjois transformed it into a pastel flavoured summer atmosphere. What with the pastel-colored balloons up on the ceiling, cutesy little gift boxes piled in one corner, yummy and colorful cupcakes in platters, comfortable and cozy couches to lounge on with the natural afternoon sunlight cascading our sweet little spot through the store's glass windows.
It was everything I imagined a Sunday afternoon tea party with girl friends would be like - intimate, cozy and sweet with a twist! So basically the rule is just to have the girliest time of your life - do your nails and try on some art using the trendiest summer shades offered by Bourjois Paris Bubble Chic Collection while you munch on some real yummy cupcakes and insert a chitchat with the next girl on your seat once in a while. Standard, wholesome and quality girl time, if you ask me. We were told to apply the base first before we can proceed on trying the nail art design of our choice. Let the fun and experimentation begin! 
Yes. That's a man hand - he puts the man in manicure. And it's a little embarrassing to admit that his nail art is way more acceptable than mine. They guy's got some stable hands as compared to my ever fidgety ones! This one is called Dressing Up Girlie, one of the design templates prepared by the team for us to try and create using the new Bourjois Paris Bubble Chic Summer 2012 Trends Nail Polish Collection. He nailed it, don't you think?
What's a blogger event without the thing most of us do best? Here are some of them in action. After having our nails done and drying them up, the documentation begins! It was an added sweet treat for me to finally meet some of the UAE bloggers I only get to see online. It can get a little overwhelming, I'm sure you all had that feeling at one point or another. Just another blogger thing I guess, eh. I can never thank Bourjois Paris enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I could definitely get used to Sunday afternoons like these!
Thank you for such a sweet experience, in more ways than one, Bourjois Paris Middle East! I had such an awesome and quality time pampering with the rest of the girls! Not to mention, their Summer 2012 Trends Nail Polish Collection is definitely worth checking out! As the nail art continues to be a trend this summer, you should give their 5 new fashion shades of 2 pastels and 4 zesty coloured enamel a try and start creating your own designs and masterpieces! I already got a couple of ideas in mind, fingers-crossed I'd be able to execute them good enough to be worth sharing in here!

I'll be leaving you guys with a video by Samira of www.fabprofashional.blogspot.com, where my little awkward self  made cameo along with the bloggers present on the event. The firsts just keep piling up, eh. Happy watching! xx

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