July 14, 2012

TDUG: Awesome in Florals

Top : Vintage
Jeans : Forever 21
Bag : Redherring
Wedges : Thrifted

Right now, the Emirates weather is incredibly ridiculous that dressing up has been a task and actually requires a strategic approach. The summer has not been on its full blow yet it's almost impossible to not sweat the moment you step out of your building and into the midsummer Emirates sun. I decided to try and incorporate one of the 'summer trends' I spotted whilst watching Jane by Design the other day - the floral top which Jane wore twice with trousers and with a skirt the next.

I happen to have a floral top lurking inside my closet, a hand-me-down from my aunties, so I built my look around it. It's lightweight and sleeveless, perfect to battle out the humidity that awaits. Its semi-halter cut creates an illusion of broader shoulders which we can all use in any day. The waist is cinched and pleated by default that's why it balloons into a semi-peplum bottom which is unfortunately not that visible in these photos. Bummer. I'll do better next time I promise.

The jeans from Forever21 is my current favorite skinny jeans for summer. It's skintight but somehow I can feel the air when it's there. Ha, that kind of sounds awkward but I hope you get my drift. I loved it's colour too, leaning towards the darker shade of denim. Since its already skintight as it is, you wouldn't want it to be a shade lighter just to tone down the attention on your hips and curves. Or at least that's how I make it work. Also, I got this one on sale last season so yay some more!

The wedges are from my fave thrift store back home. I had the soles restitched to just make sure it won't give up on me any time soon. The idea of folded skinny and strappy heels is a chic combination I've been wanting to try. Thought today would be the day I actually try. What do you think?

Lastly, I seem to have been wearing orange lips all summer long! I don't know why, it just works for me and my face and the weather - a summer staple indeed. And since we're already on it, what's yours? Do share!

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