July 19, 2012

How To Spend A Friday E09

Let me just go ahead and say it. During the Dubai Summer Surprises season there is really no other How To Spend A Friday option for me than check out as many malls as possible to see what have they got on sale! It's that time of the year in the Emirates when once you go inside a mall, it's really hard not to notice and be tempted by all those red and yellow signs of sale and % off! There's no stopping you from hopping from one shop to another, even from one mall to another. And that's how we have been spending our Fridays since June. After the standard chruch time which is before lunch and the Thai lunch over at Lemongrass, that is.

One particular Friday, I don't know how we did it but we did, we've been to 5 malls around Dubaitown - Ibn Batuta Mall, Mercato Mall, Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall, and Mirdif City Center. No kidding! It was more of let's go and have some fun kind of thing rather than actual shopping! It was my first time at the Mercato Mall. Both the exterior and interior designs caught my eyes. And given the day and the season, it's not crowded at all. It was unconventional of a mall, I love it! Mirdif City Center blinded me with their interior light decors! The last time we went there we just headed to a specific boutique so I never got the chance to walk around but this time, we managed to do some strolling and wow, all of the lights! However, given it is a city center, expect the default Friday crowd. So amongst the five, three of them I frequent the most, vote still goes to Mercato Mall - my kind of mall and crowd!

What is it about empty parking lots? Whenever I go to a mall, it's almost always automatic for me to have a parking lot photo op and I have no idea why. Taken during one of the many Fridays in Ibn Batuta Mall's and Mall of the Emirates'

So far inside my DSS shopping cart: Zara grey messenger bag, "B" pocket sized notebook, H&M necklace, Bath & Body Works antibac handgel, Cobigelow lemon & blueberry lipbalm, Batiste dry shampoo in diva (not shown, review soon), John Frieda Hair Glossing Mist (not shown, review here), Aldo wayfarers.

 Don't be fooled! The total of my above purchases is a whopping *waitforit* 189aed! My favorite purchase would be the Zara messenger bag! It is something I really hoped they'd include in the DSS! Back in May, I already saw some of the UK bloggers flaunting the same bag so when I saw them in stock in our local stores here, I wanted to buy it right away! But good thing I waited because it went on sale over that same weekend! Also, I always hoard Aldo sunglasses over the sale season! It's the most practical way to do it because the prices drop to an extent of 10aed per pair.!

So if you're in town, I suggest you go and see for yourself what DSS has to offer! I believe it will be up and running until the 1st week of August! Then there's the Eid Season Sale too right after! It's not so bad to give in to our inner shopaholics once in a while. And besides this may pass as guilt-free shopping as long as you purchase the ones on sale! Best advice I have given myself so far in my stay here in the Emirates - wait for any sale season! Unless it's something I want so bad and something I have invested and actually worth investing for, always wait for the sale season before making any purchases!

Emirates folks out there, have you been to DSS-ing too? What are your sneaky purchases so far? 

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