July 24, 2012

Ala TGTC: Fishtail Braid

I never thought it's a possibility! I swear, if my fidgety hands and limited artsy self can do it, you sure can too! I found a quick and easy hair tutorial hosted by www.thebeautydepartment.com via www.lacedinleather.com on how to do a fishtail braid the other day and decided on giving it a try on impulse today. See how powerful social media is nowadays? From one place you're lead to another and then there's no telling what else you're about to discover with just one curious click! Anyway, I figured since the Emirates Summer is nowhere near the finish line, I have to come up with creative and effective ways of battling it! And sporting a fishtail braid is one way to do it as there is no way I'm wearing my hair down in this weather. NO. WAY.

First attempt ever that I felt like celebrating when somehow, it ended up with an acceptable result - at least by my standards. I shall practice some more and probably use more appropriate hair tools next time, too. Forgive me hair, I have sinned.

So what do you guys think? Are you a fan of fishtail braids too?

July 23, 2012

Once Upon A Skaterboie Story...

Nike Air Move Max (GS) Trainers

So my sister and I went overboard in the fangirl department once again... I wouldn't say it's an impulse buy because techinically, it's not. But let's just say I never thought I'd see the day I'd choose a pair of Nike sneaks over a pair of Aldo platforms given the chance! Joys Camille problems!

Over the weekend, we headed over to the Dubai Outlet Mall with an agenda. I will look for a pair of trainers for my plan of living a healthier lifestyle aka going to the gym for aerobics and swimming sessions. I'd like to explore my options and well, not going to lie, to get the cheapest pair possible without compromising its quality so we thought The Outlet Mall is the way to do it. But when I saw the nude Aldo platforms smiling at me from the rack, it took all my non-existent power to resist buying them instead and just postpone the original healthier lifestyle plan. Good thing my sister was there to remind me of the reason why we were particularly here in the first place so I carefully put it down and off to Nike Boutique we go!

I was beginning to think it was rather a mistake because there were too many pairs to choose from! Good thing it was classified per category but still, you'll drown in the presence of trainers, prestos, hyperdunkers! I am not so good with choosing what I want because generally, I do have a hard time knowing exactly what I want so when my sister came up to holding a pair of what seems to me like a skaterboie shoes, I knew there's no way I can make her put that back down but hey, at least my search is over. I tried it on and it slightly makes my feet look plump and short but it fits, it works. So maybe it has been that long since the last time I have ever worn one that's why it looks and feels awkward? The deciding point was the fact that it's the last pair and it's 50% off its original price so I can argue no more - done deal.

Although if I were being completely honest, it may also be because of the tiny little fact that we wanted something to remind us of Andrew Garfield by. This guy. In skates and skinnys and specs? YES PLEASE. I guess this is what happens when you fuse fashion and a fangirl together, a fashionable fangirl emerges! HA!

July 21, 2012

TDUG : The Lucky One

Dress : Mango
Cardigan : Folded & Hung
Shoes : Zara
Bag : H&M
Watch : ALDO

If it were up to me, every day will be a dress-kind-of-day! This is my default self on a summer day - a colorful dress, a light cardigan and flats. That's it and I'm done. During the first sign of summer here in the Emirates, we went out to see Zachary David Alexander Efron's The Lucky One and that was my perfect excuse to finally pull off a summer look. As you all know, I am currently in a city with a "strict dress code" so wearing a dress is kind of a big deal and it's something I don't get to wear out as often as I want even if I'm dying to.

This has got to be one of my favorite dresses ever! The colors and the prints are so much fun on its own it instantly brightens up the whole outfit! The material is so lightweight too, probably intensified by the fact it's been serving me well for 5 years now! Yes. The dress is from Mango some 5 years ago! (That rhymes!) The teal blue flats with ribbon and ruffle details are from Zara, they also have it in red which is a gorgeous color too! This particular pair gave me a hard time at first but now it's the most comfortable flats on my list. Even flats can make my feet hurt, why is that even possible is beyond me. I just threw in a light cardigan to be safe. We'll be inside the movie house so it might get too chilly for me so I figured it's better to be safe than sorry! How I even lasted the day with a small bag, almost like a purse actually, is a mystery to me! Maybe because my sister, who I spent the day with, has a bigger bag with her and I prolly asked her to get a hold of the rest of my usual stuff for me? I have no idea!

The movie, given it's based from the novel of a guy named Nicholas Sparks, is nothing short of a tragedy and beauty in one. Add on the fact that it's Zac Efron, it pretty much sealed the deal for me. I did my part of the bargain by reading the novel first before watching the movie and I'm glad I did! Some people always get disappointed with how the movie always turn out short or underplayed but for me it's how it's supposed to be. Imagine fitting a whole novel into a less than three hour film viewing time? I loved how this one turned out! It showed the important and meaningful parts from the book, justified by scenes well-played by the actors and then added necessary twists in order for non-readers to conjure the images in their heads, stitch up the plots, connect one emotion to another and understand the flow of the story altogether. It was a story of how love can make you believe in all things even the superficial ones such as luck and coincidences and how you are worthy of a second chance at anything if only you'll be brave enough to take it when it presents itself.

(May I just note too, that aside from a strict dress code, there's also a mandatory cut for several scenes that include too much body exposures and intimacy in any film being shown in here. So yes, we were robbed off the luxury of seeing Zac Efron's in this movie. Sorry story, I know, hahaha!)

Did you get to see The Lucky One too? What are your thoughts? And normally, what do you wear out on movie dates with girlfriends?

July 19, 2012

How To Spend A Friday E09

Let me just go ahead and say it. During the Dubai Summer Surprises season there is really no other How To Spend A Friday option for me than check out as many malls as possible to see what have they got on sale! It's that time of the year in the Emirates when once you go inside a mall, it's really hard not to notice and be tempted by all those red and yellow signs of sale and % off! There's no stopping you from hopping from one shop to another, even from one mall to another. And that's how we have been spending our Fridays since June. After the standard chruch time which is before lunch and the Thai lunch over at Lemongrass, that is.

One particular Friday, I don't know how we did it but we did, we've been to 5 malls around Dubaitown - Ibn Batuta Mall, Mercato Mall, Mall of the Emirates, The Dubai Mall, and Mirdif City Center. No kidding! It was more of let's go and have some fun kind of thing rather than actual shopping! It was my first time at the Mercato Mall. Both the exterior and interior designs caught my eyes. And given the day and the season, it's not crowded at all. It was unconventional of a mall, I love it! Mirdif City Center blinded me with their interior light decors! The last time we went there we just headed to a specific boutique so I never got the chance to walk around but this time, we managed to do some strolling and wow, all of the lights! However, given it is a city center, expect the default Friday crowd. So amongst the five, three of them I frequent the most, vote still goes to Mercato Mall - my kind of mall and crowd!

What is it about empty parking lots? Whenever I go to a mall, it's almost always automatic for me to have a parking lot photo op and I have no idea why. Taken during one of the many Fridays in Ibn Batuta Mall's and Mall of the Emirates'

So far inside my DSS shopping cart: Zara grey messenger bag, "B" pocket sized notebook, H&M necklace, Bath & Body Works antibac handgel, Cobigelow lemon & blueberry lipbalm, Batiste dry shampoo in diva (not shown, review soon), John Frieda Hair Glossing Mist (not shown, review here), Aldo wayfarers.

 Don't be fooled! The total of my above purchases is a whopping *waitforit* 189aed! My favorite purchase would be the Zara messenger bag! It is something I really hoped they'd include in the DSS! Back in May, I already saw some of the UK bloggers flaunting the same bag so when I saw them in stock in our local stores here, I wanted to buy it right away! But good thing I waited because it went on sale over that same weekend! Also, I always hoard Aldo sunglasses over the sale season! It's the most practical way to do it because the prices drop to an extent of 10aed per pair.!

So if you're in town, I suggest you go and see for yourself what DSS has to offer! I believe it will be up and running until the 1st week of August! Then there's the Eid Season Sale too right after! It's not so bad to give in to our inner shopaholics once in a while. And besides this may pass as guilt-free shopping as long as you purchase the ones on sale! Best advice I have given myself so far in my stay here in the Emirates - wait for any sale season! Unless it's something I want so bad and something I have invested and actually worth investing for, always wait for the sale season before making any purchases!

Emirates folks out there, have you been to DSS-ing too? What are your sneaky purchases so far? 

TGAT : Bourjois Paris Bubble Chic Blogger Afternoon Tea

So this is where, when and how the maximizing of the tea party effect finally happened!

BOURJOIS Paris Middle East team invited us bloggers over an afternoon tea at Hey Sugar in JBR last Sunday, July 15. Honestly, when I received the e-invite some 2 weeks prior the event, I let out an appropriate blogger squee because it was addressed to me personally and not with the default Dear Blogger template. And then when I received another invite, this time it arrived at my doorstep, I just had to let out another squee because it made me feel legit. Funny right? I am such a big dealer of the little things... I know! Thank you for indulging me, Bourjois Paris Team!

On the day of the event, in a very typical The Girl and The City fashion, I encountered some glitches yet and again! One day, I'll master the art of commuting in Dubai. For now, I'll be fine with what seems to be a never ending trial and error process. Good thing Marie from Bourjois was kind enough to contact me while I was still on the Metro and I was able to ask for specific details to tell the cabbie. However three of them decided on turning me down so when I finally found myself climbing the steps towards a quaint little store accentuated with stripes and polka-dot details, I wanted to do a happy monkey dance! Finally, Hey Sugar Bakeshop, I'm here!
The bakeshop interior is like a teenage dream! It's as if I entered an entirely different dimension. The creative people behind Bourjois transformed it into a pastel flavoured summer atmosphere. What with the pastel-colored balloons up on the ceiling, cutesy little gift boxes piled in one corner, yummy and colorful cupcakes in platters, comfortable and cozy couches to lounge on with the natural afternoon sunlight cascading our sweet little spot through the store's glass windows.
It was everything I imagined a Sunday afternoon tea party with girl friends would be like - intimate, cozy and sweet with a twist! So basically the rule is just to have the girliest time of your life - do your nails and try on some art using the trendiest summer shades offered by Bourjois Paris Bubble Chic Collection while you munch on some real yummy cupcakes and insert a chitchat with the next girl on your seat once in a while. Standard, wholesome and quality girl time, if you ask me. We were told to apply the base first before we can proceed on trying the nail art design of our choice. Let the fun and experimentation begin! 
Yes. That's a man hand - he puts the man in manicure. And it's a little embarrassing to admit that his nail art is way more acceptable than mine. They guy's got some stable hands as compared to my ever fidgety ones! This one is called Dressing Up Girlie, one of the design templates prepared by the team for us to try and create using the new Bourjois Paris Bubble Chic Summer 2012 Trends Nail Polish Collection. He nailed it, don't you think?
What's a blogger event without the thing most of us do best? Here are some of them in action. After having our nails done and drying them up, the documentation begins! It was an added sweet treat for me to finally meet some of the UAE bloggers I only get to see online. It can get a little overwhelming, I'm sure you all had that feeling at one point or another. Just another blogger thing I guess, eh. I can never thank Bourjois Paris enough for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I could definitely get used to Sunday afternoons like these!
Thank you for such a sweet experience, in more ways than one, Bourjois Paris Middle East! I had such an awesome and quality time pampering with the rest of the girls! Not to mention, their Summer 2012 Trends Nail Polish Collection is definitely worth checking out! As the nail art continues to be a trend this summer, you should give their 5 new fashion shades of 2 pastels and 4 zesty coloured enamel a try and start creating your own designs and masterpieces! I already got a couple of ideas in mind, fingers-crossed I'd be able to execute them good enough to be worth sharing in here!

I'll be leaving you guys with a video by Samira of www.fabprofashional.blogspot.com, where my little awkward self  made cameo along with the bloggers present on the event. The firsts just keep piling up, eh. Happy watching! xx

July 18, 2012

TDUG: Cup Of T

Dress : H&M
Shoes : F21
Bag : Zara
Ring : F21
Watch : Swatch
Sunglasses : Aldo
Nails : Bourjois Paris Bubble Chic Rose Imaginaire n°6

This is what I wore to the bloggers afternoon tea party graciously hosted by Bourjois Paris Middle East for the launch of their Summer 2012 Nail Collection last Sunday! (More on that on my next post!) When I received the invitation and found out about the venue and the theme, I immediately thought of maximizing the tea party effect by mentally deciding on wearing a dress. And with the summer weather about to hit its full blow, I really wouldn't want to be caught wearing anything else at all in Dubai during the afternoon.

I ended up wearing this jersey dress from H&M. I have had this dress in a while but I would normally wear it out as a top as I feel like it's a tad bit short to be worn alone. But then when I slipped into it, I figured it's not scandalously short at all and it actually feels so light and flowy! The embroidered neckline adds a lady-like touch to it and the uneven drapes of the hemline creates a playful look to balance it all out. I should've taken a photo of myself swirling, it would've been a welcome justification. Oh well.

The nude-colored ballet flats are from F21. Another maximizing the tea party effect what with its ribbon and the lace details. And since the dress is slightly on the darker shade, a nude or neutral shade of shoes would lighten up the look. The bag is from Zara which I have been carrying around with me since the day I bought it. I am slightly biased to everything grey and the rose gold metal details just added more charm into this beaut!

You can barely see me with any accessory during summer. It just feels so uncomfortable having a lot of things on you especially when you start sweating. At least that's how it feels for me. So I'm basically all about the 4-piece-rule these days: earrings, necklace, ring and a watch. Fortunately for me, it matches the look I was particularly aiming for - dainty, sweet and classy.

What do you think about my look? What would you wear to an afternoon tea party?

July 15, 2012

In Details : June 2012

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July 14, 2012

WWJS: John Frieda Hair Glossing Mist

John Frieda Frizz-Ease - 29AED*

Back in the Philippines, I have been carrying a hair glossing product with me religiously. I think I have tried all there is to try - from Citre Shine to Vitress to Cream Silk, the leave-on moisturizer. I used Vitress for the longest time as it works for my frizzy hair, smells okay and doesn't stick that much. Until I made the move and I only get to a hold of them via care packages from people back home. In here, there's a drugstore product I used up too, from the Correction Herbal Actives, a product from Lebanon. It was almost like Vitress generally and was good while it lasted but even if I wanted to repurchase, I've been having a hard time looking for it anywhere else.

To be honest, I am not very much familiar with the John Frieda product range. I just happened to pass by its shelf inside Sharjah City Center's Lifestyle boutique one afternoon and I got curious to take a closer look as some of the products were on sale. I'm so glad I did! This glossing mist is part of the sale, hence the * on the SRP above, from 45AED to 29AED! There are no testers available but I was able to get a whiff of the smell and I liked it! From the packaging, you can also see the thin consistency of the liquid so I know for sure it wouldn't feel thick on my hair or sticky. True enough, when I checked the claims, it says ultralight and non-greasy mist. With those 2 main points considered and met, I ended up buying this product, fingers crossed it wouldn't disappoint.

I have been using it everyday since and no disappointment of any sort at all! It's a spray, instead of the usual pump or open flap cap, so it's more practical to use as one spray is enough for a girl's average hair length (shoulder level). It's perfect for taming the split ends and for adding gloss to your dry hair. Mine is dry and frizzy especially the ends since I had it bleached and my hair strands are also unusually thicker than usual but believe me, this thing actually works! It doesn't flatten or straighten, not the kind that makes your hair looks damp and shiny. It just glosses, making your hair look and feel flawless. I can literally feel like my hair is smoothening upon application and it doesn't stick nor grease even after sweating or walking under the direct sunlight. I don't spray it directly into my hair though. I use one full spray onto my palms and work with the application from there. And I do re-apply a half-spray on the ends as the mist dries up when humidity arises. In a nutshell, I'm so happy I took my time to check this out from the shelf! It has been the bestest thing that has ever to my hairstory! And with the kind of hairstory I have had, that's really saying a lot! Definitely going to repurchase!

Have you been using the same product too? What are other John Frieda products you can recommend?

*SRP is 45AED but I got it on sale for 29AED only!

TDUG: Awesome in Florals

Top : Vintage
Jeans : Forever 21
Bag : Redherring
Wedges : Thrifted

Right now, the Emirates weather is incredibly ridiculous that dressing up has been a task and actually requires a strategic approach. The summer has not been on its full blow yet it's almost impossible to not sweat the moment you step out of your building and into the midsummer Emirates sun. I decided to try and incorporate one of the 'summer trends' I spotted whilst watching Jane by Design the other day - the floral top which Jane wore twice with trousers and with a skirt the next.

I happen to have a floral top lurking inside my closet, a hand-me-down from my aunties, so I built my look around it. It's lightweight and sleeveless, perfect to battle out the humidity that awaits. Its semi-halter cut creates an illusion of broader shoulders which we can all use in any day. The waist is cinched and pleated by default that's why it balloons into a semi-peplum bottom which is unfortunately not that visible in these photos. Bummer. I'll do better next time I promise.

The jeans from Forever21 is my current favorite skinny jeans for summer. It's skintight but somehow I can feel the air when it's there. Ha, that kind of sounds awkward but I hope you get my drift. I loved it's colour too, leaning towards the darker shade of denim. Since its already skintight as it is, you wouldn't want it to be a shade lighter just to tone down the attention on your hips and curves. Or at least that's how I make it work. Also, I got this one on sale last season so yay some more!

The wedges are from my fave thrift store back home. I had the soles restitched to just make sure it won't give up on me any time soon. The idea of folded skinny and strappy heels is a chic combination I've been wanting to try. Thought today would be the day I actually try. What do you think?

Lastly, I seem to have been wearing orange lips all summer long! I don't know why, it just works for me and my face and the weather - a summer staple indeed. And since we're already on it, what's yours? Do share!

July 13, 2012

TGIS : Jane By Design

I know that you may think it is just another TV series but indulge me just this once, I promise I have a point and that this one includes no werewolves nor vampires.

My friend told me about it when the first episode aired and said I might enjoy it because it involves a highschool girl who has a passion for high fashion. Since I could really use all the distraction I can get, I jumped right on to the bandwagon and I have been religiously watching the show since then. Here's the Season 1 Preview video!

"Jane By Design" (formerly "What Would Jane Do"), a light-hearted drama, follows Jane, a teenager who lands a job at a hip retail company when they mistake her for an adult. Jane soon finds herself juggling life both as a regular high school student and as an assistant to a high powered executive in the cutthroat world of fashion... all while trying to keep her true identity a secret.

Like what Erica Dasher (Jane Quimby) said on the video, it is very relateable and there's something for everyone! I personally love the light highschool drama bit because what's highschool without it, really? The writers couldn't have possibly picked out a better plot than *wait for it* The Friendzone Drama. Nick Roux (Billy Nutter) plays as Jane's ever realiable boy space friend since birth, you know, the friendzone drill. And he's been doing an amazing job, so convincing! If you've been a highschooler, best believe you know how this works. Well that amongst other things like there's Jane's everyday school and work outfit changes too which is a weekly source of inspiration for someone like me! And a very slight glimpse of what life is like in high fashion, what with all the deadlines to meet, intrigues to deal with and different set of people to work with! Also, props to quirky episode titles and appropriate soundtracks! You can also spot the latest trends without even trying because it will be present within the show, it's like an online talking, walking, acting fashion magazine if you get my drift.

I grabbed some stills from Jane by Design Facebook Page to justify and highlight some points and lure you some more. Ready? 

 Instant outfit inspirations

 Jane, Grey and guest star Kelly Osbourne

 Trend alerts!!!

 Yes. That beanie boy right there is no less than THE Billy "Boyspacefriend" Nutter. You're welcome! ;)

July 12, 2012

WWJS: Bioderma Photoderm Max Sun Cream

I have been using the product all summer long and I really find it highly beneficial so I have no idea why I haven't gotten around on doing a review about it. Over the weekend, I popped into Boots Pharmacy and saw the whole range of the product under the "best selling" category and made a mental note that I really should go about the review already. Then yesterday at work, I was reminded of it all over again when a patient actually asked for it and so here I am rambling about it which I hope you'll find somehow helpful.
Bioderma Photoderm Max Sun Cream in Invisible, Light and Golden Colour - 98 AED*

Bioderma Photoderm Max is a sun cream with claims of maximum protection for the face and limiting the harmful effects of the UV rays containing SPF 100 and UVA 29/30. It is highly recommended to those whose skin can not tolerate any type of sun exposure; very pale skin; with freckles and skin subjected to maximum sun intensity.

This sun cream comes in two types - plain and tinted. The plain type comes out as an invisible texture that gives a velvety effect on the face. It has a melting texture when blended, colourless to apply and will leave no oily film nor white traces. The tinted type comes in two colours - light and golden - both giving off a tanned effect on the face. Like the plain type, it also has a melting texture and will leave no oily film on the face. But since it's tinted, it promises to even out the complexion depending on your skin type (light or golden) and cover blemishes. It also claims to have excellent tolerance and photostability, fragrance free and water resistant. The packaging is a 40 mL plastic tube with a flip flap cap.

Like I said, this is one of my go-to products whenever the Emirates summer comes knocking on my door. The summer sun can get really intense and can dry, if not fry, your skin so I make it a point to have the much needed protection, or in this case, maximum protection for my face on a daily basis. Bioderma Photoderm Max takes care of ALL my summer dilemma when it comes to my face. I am currently using the tinted type in golden variety and it doubles as my foundation as well. Since the heat can get very overwhelming, I couldn't be bothered to put too much on my face and gladly it works for me! However, once you start sweating you'll feel more aware of the fact that you are in fact wearing a sunblock as it can get pretty heavy and really sticky on the surface. But I guess I can work with that, I just set it off with my loose face powder and I'm good to go. Even if I've been personally using it on a daily basis, it will also be highly ideal for outdoor activities involving intense exposure to the sun! Even the packaging is light so it's easier to stash inside your weekend duffel bag!

My initial purchase is about to get empty and I'm definitely going to repurchase as we are nowhere near the end of summer in here! What about you? Have you been using the same product? What are your thoughts about it?
*Our pharmacy's SRP though right now there's a promo pack of 2 tubes for only 100AED on selected pharmacies around UAE.
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