June 24, 2012

Keep Fighting and Find Something

I have been seriously struggling in trying to come up with just about anything to get back into the blogwagon for two weeks now. I figured I'd start off with an outfit post but all the photos I have taken didn't turn out as pretty as I hoped they'd be so I will have to call a raincheck on that for now. However, I have had an inspiring train of thoughts the other night, after being subjected into one of the most unfortunate events imaginable, that I think is worth the first blog entry after an uncalled hiatus - at least by my standards.

Mad respect to all the girls out there who are fighting for their rights every single day in this sick, sad little world we are in ruled by prejudice and dominated by incredible jerks.

Keep fighting. You will find something. Or something will finally find you - who will fight with you, if anything else, will do all the fighting for you.

Just because you prefer walking than hailing a cab doesn't mean you don't have the cab money for it or you're looking for a lift. Just because you have a madness for a hair color doesn't mean you can be catcalled when you pass by a group of teenagers who obviously have a lot of growing up to do. Just because you are not reacting the way they expected you to doesn't mean you're playing hard to get and just need an extra push of some sort before you give in. Just because you are an expat doesn't mean you can be tripped over and be a victim of their son of a gun egos. Just because you are alone doesn't mean you're lonely and looking for company. Just because you look unaffected doesn't mean you don't care. Because you do, deep inside you, you will always care. And that's when you're screwed cos frankly, they couldn't care any less.

Never bend. Never back down. Never settle. Never compromise. Never let anyone make you feel less than the beautiful woman that you are and treat you less than the utmost royalty that you deserve. NEVER. EVER.

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