April 18, 2012

TDUG : Powder Pink

Hello, bloggerville! Been silent for a couple of weeks so I thought I'd come up with a loaded post - iJustify right there. But in reality, I just experienced a writer's block, if I may even be considered as one. HA! 

Sometimes I fall in love with a color that I go on scheduling my work outfits following the certain pattern. Like last week, I picked out all my powder pink tops from my closet and ended up with two decent outfit posts, at least by my standards, I figured I'd share some in here for inspiration and whatnot.

Pink Cut-out Top from Splash Fashion
This is the powder pink version of the Splash cut-out top I wore here. I initially planned on wearing this color more casually but then I had to go to the Philippine Consulate to renew my passport and had to appear a bit more composed than my usual self yet not too dressy what with the temperature slowly rising up. I figured this top will take good care of my concerns and I wasn't wrong. I opted for a nude palette for my face too and I love how "fragile" I looked! It was one sunny day spent running errands under the Emirates sky, conquering both Sharjah and Dubai, so I cannot be more grateful for the built-in breeze this top possess! Hooray for fashion innovation!

Pardon the quality of the photos from this set. I lack a tripod and I used the self-timer option so my chances of getting good shots aren't really that high to begin with but some blogger's got to try, ha! I hardly post work outfits because I tend to dress lazily anyways. I have to wear a white coat all day long so nobody ever gets to see it save for me and the ones I bump into on my walk to and fro the house which is a maximum of 10 people. iBlab, sorry.

Onto the outfit. The next powder pink blouse is from Pink Manila! My littler sister from the Philippines sent it over when my littlest sister came back from her vacation. It was a perfect summer piece! Somehow my semiblond locks and the polkadots details of my powder pink draped top reminded me of Barbie and again I was surprised with how fragile.com the look can get! I paired it with my skinnys from Zara because for some reason it looks like powder blue to me with just the right amount of fades. Another pop of color is the flats from H&M in green - the most overused flats we own.

Wow. I think that's iOvershare right there but I may be excused since I've been out for some time! Looking forward to a movie date this weekend so I guess I'll have a How To Spend A Friday post right up too. Thanks for reading!!! Come back if you'd like to see me fangirl roll over the newly crowned Royal Hotness of my Kingdom also known as Zac Efron to the rest of the world! I promise you, it'll be a fangirl fest over this side of the world! xx

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