April 18, 2012

TDUG : Powder Pink

Hello, bloggerville! Been silent for a couple of weeks so I thought I'd come up with a loaded post - iJustify right there. But in reality, I just experienced a writer's block, if I may even be considered as one. HA! 

Sometimes I fall in love with a color that I go on scheduling my work outfits following the certain pattern. Like last week, I picked out all my powder pink tops from my closet and ended up with two decent outfit posts, at least by my standards, I figured I'd share some in here for inspiration and whatnot.

Pink Cut-out Top from Splash Fashion
This is the powder pink version of the Splash cut-out top I wore here. I initially planned on wearing this color more casually but then I had to go to the Philippine Consulate to renew my passport and had to appear a bit more composed than my usual self yet not too dressy what with the temperature slowly rising up. I figured this top will take good care of my concerns and I wasn't wrong. I opted for a nude palette for my face too and I love how "fragile" I looked! It was one sunny day spent running errands under the Emirates sky, conquering both Sharjah and Dubai, so I cannot be more grateful for the built-in breeze this top possess! Hooray for fashion innovation!

Pardon the quality of the photos from this set. I lack a tripod and I used the self-timer option so my chances of getting good shots aren't really that high to begin with but some blogger's got to try, ha! I hardly post work outfits because I tend to dress lazily anyways. I have to wear a white coat all day long so nobody ever gets to see it save for me and the ones I bump into on my walk to and fro the house which is a maximum of 10 people. iBlab, sorry.

Onto the outfit. The next powder pink blouse is from Pink Manila! My littler sister from the Philippines sent it over when my littlest sister came back from her vacation. It was a perfect summer piece! Somehow my semiblond locks and the polkadots details of my powder pink draped top reminded me of Barbie and again I was surprised with how fragile.com the look can get! I paired it with my skinnys from Zara because for some reason it looks like powder blue to me with just the right amount of fades. Another pop of color is the flats from H&M in green - the most overused flats we own.

Wow. I think that's iOvershare right there but I may be excused since I've been out for some time! Looking forward to a movie date this weekend so I guess I'll have a How To Spend A Friday post right up too. Thanks for reading!!! Come back if you'd like to see me fangirl roll over the newly crowned Royal Hotness of my Kingdom also known as Zac Efron to the rest of the world! I promise you, it'll be a fangirl fest over this side of the world! xx

April 04, 2012

Imaginary Shopping Carts 2.0

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6
It's 4:38AM and I really have no excuse for staying up so late but I can't seem to sleep either so I might as well go shopping. Incoherence at its best! It's been a while since I last gave my imaginary shopping cart a spin, I've missed doing this! The rest I can live without (well, not really, no actually) but I just have to have those platforms! Serious business. Thank you very much.

Anything H&M on your mind right now too?

April 03, 2012

Cotton Candy Crusher Crashed

A cotton candy crush is one of those catchy little teeny phrases you come across when reading teen magazines like Seventeen for instance.
"Some crushes are like cotton candy. They look yummy and totally tempting, but when you actually get a taste, there’s not much there. Suddenly you're left with disappointment and no crush. Sometimes a crush should just stay a crush and live as a delicious daydream. That way you’ll always have someone sweet to think about when you drift off to sleep."
Hi. I am Joys Camille and I am a cotton candy crusher.

If you follow me on Twitter, you're probably aware of my infamous claim: "Zara is the best policy" and how it's one of my favorite therapies since I got here. And it's almost always true. If you don't know me any better, you'd probably think it's about the recent collection and to-die-for pieces, well... not exactly. My most recent Zara haul was at the beginning of the year when the massive sale took place. I normally don't buy stuff from the regular price rack unless it's really something that I want AND need, like a pair of shoes and a handbag, or a statement shirt I can't let go of. So clearly, that's not my point. Zara is the best policy because I am a cotton candy crusher and the cotton candy crush happens to be the store supervisor! So let me rephrase that. ZARA SHJ is the best policy. But not anymore...

I can clearly remember the last time I was there. I had to wrap my scarf around my shirt because I feel shy wearing one of the statement shirts currently on sale. In my defense I didn't know we were going to the store that day, I was fighting an emotional battle and my folks thought I could use all the help I can get and the sight of my cotton candy crush is a surefire on my list. He was wearing his version of a 3-piece-suit - a black blazer, printed white v-neck shirt, black skinny and black buttoned up boots in all his scruffy sixfooterish self glory. I like that about him. I know supervisors around here mostly wear suits but he's an exception and maybe that's why I find his style interesting. Who doesn't want a man who knows how to dress himself up?

My auntie knew I wanted one of those colored pants but I knew deep inside me that I have had enough and already exceeded my initial budget so I really cannot afford another pair. So when she handed it to me, I had to return it back with a heavy heart to the nearest rack within my reach. And that was when the highlight of my cotton candy crushing history happened! I didn't notice he was leaning against that rack! So basically, it made an impact on him and he looked back to see who the culprit may be! Straight right at me and flashed me the sweetest and warmest smile ever for God knows long how! I know I can be such a big dealer but this wasn't our first encounter! He never smiles, let alone looks at someone in the eye even if he's aware you're looking! I know because I've been there before, it's as if I don't exist at all. And my stares are usually impolite. You can literally feel its weight even from a distance so I'm pretty sure I've been on his peripheral view more often than he'd make it look like. I cannot even remember if he for real said HI or I was just imagining things after that! But I am pretty sure those smiles were for me. For the first time. And little did I know, for the last time.

It took me a month to return and I want to kick myself endlessly for taking that long! Because the thing I dread the most happened whilst I wasn't poppin' around on a weekly basis like I used to. He's nowhere to be found around the store and it's a Friday! He's always there on a Friday! Then suddenly every new face around me started making sense. He wasn't on his usual spot near the counter, in front of the lappy. He wasn't sitting in one of those display tables whilst talking to someone over the phone. He wasn't inside the staff room cos he never emerged the whole 45 minutes we were there. I was there. He wasn't. He just wasn't there because they have had a staff overhaul!

I have no idea where he's at now. I only managed to ask the broadest questions from the staff and I still can't make that bold move of just asking where's my cotton candy crush at now! I don't even have a name. All I have is a face, a smile, and my one-sided-memories. I plan on going to each possible Zara store around Dubai and hope against hope I bump into him inside one of those. I am not even kidding. Desperate times require desperate measures. And as fate would always have it, I came across this song and wow, a no brainer. My official soundtrack as far as my cotton candy crusher crashed incident is concerned. Have a listen!

Hi. I am Joys Camille and I am a cotton candy crusher... no more.
According to Yuna, I am in love with someone out of town... now.
Good point.

Benefit Hello Flawless SPF 15 Custom Cover Up


For someone who judges books by their covers, I guess it's almost automatic to assume I will pretty much apply the same theory with almost everything else in my life. Benefit Cosmetics surely know how to spoil every girl's heart with all its too pretty too resist packaging! I have the softest spot for anything pretty, seriously how can someone even resist anything pretty in the first place? I can't, obviously. And this Hello Flawless Powder is no exception!

Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Cover Up Powder claims to be a custom powder cover-up with protection for the face. The powder formula has a yellow undertone to it and promises medium to full coverage. It comes with both a set brush and sponge cleverly located under the second compartment. Flip the powder compartment open and taddah - there you have them! Pretty and smart packaging, a combination like that never hurts! You can customize its use by using the brush when you want a sweep off, sheer finish or the sponge to pat on, full coverage result. It's available in 9 different shades, 3 Lights, 3 Mediums, 3 Deeps, so you can really get to choose which one suits you best. A product leaflet of your policy in pretty's included in the box so you can be guided step by step. And then of course, there's the website for shade swatches and other beauty tips you may also find helpful!

I got matched with I'm cute as a bunny, HONEY. And I am very happy to share that I may be one shade closer to finding my perfect match. This blends well with my fairly normal skin giving me just enough glow and the right amount of warmth my whole face needs as a base. It does give off that flawless feel and glides upon application resulting to a porcelain-like glow. I prefer using the sponge though, with my ever fidgety hands, the brush tends to create a slight mess when I use it. I did retouch for a total of 3 times but that's only because the heat and humidity in here's starting to get higher. Considering the fact that my face always feel extra heavy with foundation on - one of the many unresolved issues of my being so I never really put on foundation on a daily basis - my tiny bit expectations were met. Light coverage, with SPF, the gliding ability hence making me feel like there's just a thin layer of cover up on my face. And the packaging, I cannot not say anything about it! It's compact, light and quirky with the convenience of having the brush and sponge stored on an additional room below the powder compartment! Reminds me of my good old Polly Pocket days, ladies you agree?

I don't have a very rich history to compare it with but I guess I'm just happy to have started my search for my perfect facematch with Benefit Hello Flawless Cover Up! I have always been confident and comfortable with my skin, particularly with my being morena but there's always that struggle in finding that right shade that'll match my face perfectly as far as a cover-up foundation is concerned. It's either too light and creamy or too dark and cakey for my liking and everyday use. So I was thrilled to find out that this is none of the above! It isn't cakey nor chalky at all though I had that first impression when I swatched it on my hand. But lo and behold, I was wrong! This is currently my lone cover-up powder as I never use one before, I keep saying that I know, and I find it good enough for daily use. I think it will work well with any skin type too but if you have an oily skin, a primer will probably come in handy to maximize its effect! It's a bit pricey for a cover-up but like I always say, when the results aren't compromised in any way, I have no problem with it! My aunt has been using hers on a daily basis for almost half a year now, so I guess, you fairly get your money's worth. I highly recommend it! It's always nice to have a wingman in the form of a good cover up, that's what Hello Flawless feels like to have, like you can always rely on it to make things better, or in this case, to make your skin feel and look better. HA!

April 02, 2012

TDUG : Cut Me Out

Splash cut-out top | MNG colored jeans | Heatwave shoes | Anna Sui purse

This is my almost outfit of the day. Almost because I won't dare wear a crop top going out, let alone going to work and wearing high heels' highly discouraged from my line of work. I just changed into them because I figured the final look is something I would really consider wearing if there were no restrictions here at all.

I got this cut-out black top from the latest collection of Splash last weekend when I finally made use of the vouchers I won from Ate Tinayum's competition last December. Summer's already around the corner so this top would probably be my favorite piece, I can already tell. That's way I also got the same one in light pink which I'd probably wear more casually. The mix of black and yellow just screams royalty, don't you think? Or maybe that's just me and my overflowing school spirit, ha! So without thinking twice, I grabbed my mustard jeans to go with it. The shoes was my last purchase locally before finally moving here and it remains to be my favorite pair up to date. They are literally made for running! The purse just happened and I love that it complimented the black top both having floral details however the purse has all the pops of color to brighten up the whole look.

What do you think? I hardly do outfit posts during workdays because I just wear the same thing over and over again which is really something I'm not proud of. But today's an exception. I had planned on having my passport ID photo taken today, hence the little composed look, but my favorite photoshop was closed so  I will have to reschedule and just ended up having a photoshoot of my own. HA!

April 01, 2012

TGIS E11 : House of Slaterin'

Last night, the Hotshot Engineer ng Cebu was declared as the Big Winner from the Pinoy Big Brother Unlimited Edition. He goes by name Jan Slater Young. He is the Philippines first ever male big winner for a regular Big Brother season. It took me a while to realize exactly why I felt happy when Bianca Gonzalez announced who the Big Winner was on Twitter. When there were just four of them left - Biggel, Paco, Pamu, and Slater, I've casted my vote on him - Team Slater right here. And just like how it is in basketball, when your favorite team wins, you somehow feel like you're part of that win as well.

Jan Slater is from my generation and quite possibly part my people, if you get my drift. And maybe that's why I'm keen over him winning. It's almost as if I know the life he's been living. Do not get me wrong. I don't own a construction company and a fancy resthouse to begin with but I have had his struggles and may have felt his feelings too. Like that constant struggle to make your parents proud and how there's no greater joy than to know that your parents are proud of what you've become. That sometimes, we as children need to do things our way but that doesn't mean we love them any less. He's in his late twenties too so I can totally understand the confusion and the want to know and make himself better.

Sure, some people may say he didn't really get to show the real him inside the house but I liked how he put that thing in perspective. The Slater State of Mind. He said it's still him, but there's a conscious effort in putting his best self forward every time in every situation. Which is something we all need to realize too. All season long they were saying Slater's almost too good to be true because well, he behaved well too good for a regular guy inside the house. But I don't understand why they need to question that. If I were inside the house, I wouldn't make a shallow excuse of "nagpapakatotoo lang ako" for my bad behaviour or any behaviour at that. You can be true to yourself and still be nice. I find it so weird that we've arrived to a certain conclusion that in order to say the person's being true to you is when they are actually being mean. Why is that is beyond me.

When he was asked what will he tell himself via Boy Abunda's Magic Mirror, I have to say that one caught me off guard. He said, "Slater, I love you." Now that's something I will have to practice on a daily basis. Loving yourself isn't going to be easy and not going to happen overnight but you have to start somewhere at some point. His journey started when he entered the house, I wonder when and where I will have the chance to begin mine.

I think what the general public has finally realized is that we need more boys and girls like Slater to be the rule and not the exception. It's about time. I keep rambling about the shallow fact that before I only have Christopher John Tiu on my mind and then Slater happened so there's two of them now, when it hit me. There's a huge chance that there are a lot more like them out there that we don't know about because we keep looking on the other side. Maybe it's you too or perhaps it's always been me. But since we keep looking at them as the exceptions instead of rules, we will never know.  It's about time we start reversing the current status quo and restore the default balance of nature.

Jan Slater made me realize that chivalry is not dead. That kindness isn't overrated. That a good guy (a good person) isn't a myth. That good things happen to good people. Also, that I will always be a dork for sweet talkers and smiles that could light up the whole town. And that I can really be shallow like that sometimes. HA!

Goodjob Engr. Jan Slater Young! Congratulations! My 3DHS worth of vote's not been put to waste! All the way from the Emirates! Yes folks, I was part of the 40ish% votes... and proud! WUHOO!!!

The Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation

Just when you thought you'd found your perfect match, a better one comes along. That's exactly how I felt after finally trying on Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation for the first time this morning. I've just started using Hello Flawless SPF15 Powder cover-up but now I think I'll probably give myself a luxurious treat from this HFOW every once in a while - maybe when I feel like I deserve it or the situation calls for it. So as promised, here's my version of an in depth and more detailed post about the latest addition to the growing range of Benefit cosmetics. When I say my version, you already know what and what not to expect yes? High five!

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Liquid Foundation is a brightening liquid foundation that builds light to medium coverage for a natural complexion. It has got a hydrating complex formula that helps you achieve that plump effect and contains Vitamin C and E which also prevent signs of aging. It is oil-free, fragrance-free and comes with SPF25 for skin protection. The total number of shades available is 9 covering 3 main categories (Light, Medium, Deep) which are also in conjunction with Benefit Hello Flawless Custom Power Cover-UpYou can find the full range on the website and they even have a shade identifier app so you might want to check it out! Lastly, the packaging (aaaaahhh!!!) is a 30mL high-quality thermoplastic container with a pump dispenser and a frosted finish to keep the shade visible.  I got matched with I’m so money Honey. I used one full pump to cover my face and neck entirely and as advised by my Benebabes during the launch, I used my fingers for my initial application and saved the free brush included in the kit for future use. The foundation is runny and with a yellow undertone to it. Be careful and try to dispense just the right amount to build the coverage you desire. As much as possible I put things on my face lightly on a daily basis, I almost never go for the medium coverage. So I apply one layer to even out the surfaces and another thin one around the eyes & nose parts, which are basically my problem areas. I got a little help from The Porefessional too, an ample amount of sample is included inside the package, enough to let you maximize its effect. Among the claims, I was really excited to find out about the defying gravity bit! I’ve mentioned before that I have this unresolved issue about how my face feels heavy after any foundation application. This one did not disappoint! It’s as if you applied nothing and doesn’t stick nor grease too! I am not so sure of the plump effect claim though, because my face is plump already as it is so spare me but I can let that one slide. Lasting power is surprisingly long too, I need not retouch at all during my 8-hour-shift but that may also be because I’m confined inside the pharmacy and had no contact with Mr. Sun at all. It's almost summer here so let me get back to you guys when I finally wear it "out". Which is whern the SPF 25 PA+++ would come in handy as skin protection shouldn't be neglected at any cost. The packaging never ever fails to surprise me hence this (!!! !!! !!!). Aside from having the cutest font (I’m shallow like that), it’s so lightweight that I had to check if there’s actually a bottle inside just to be sure I won’t be coming home with an empty box! I would also like to make an appropriate pharmacist squee and give mad props for making the O2 sign so appealing! A chemical formula has never looked so cool! Health care team, represent!

Overall, this foundation has made me a happier girl! Knowing I have come across a foundation that’ll make me look and feel good with its coverage and brightening effect without demanding so much effort from me. I loooooove its effect on me! An answered prayer since I really really really want an almost-nonexistent-feel after foundation application! I know it’s a bit pricey for its kind (just like how it is with the rest of Benefit products) but the quality and results are not compromised in any way so that’s pretty much a good deal for me. I think it’s too fancy for my daily use though, I'll probably use it if I want to spoil myself and look effortlessly flawless in just about 10 minutes, that way HFOW can deliver! Furthermore, I'd particularly use it during the mornings after. You know, those mornings you cannot be bothered to make an effort to look good but you got to have to, ie. the morning after a good kind of night when you cannot remember anything and/or the morning after hungover, enough said. And on that personal note, I'm going to say it, if you've always wanted to have the porcelain-like skin finish within minutes and within your reach, then Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow is definitely for you. There, I said it. And yes, you can quote me on that one. This will be readily available for 165AED in all Faces and Sephora around GCC and selected Areej and Debenhams stores in the Emirates today, April 1!
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