March 05, 2012

WWJS E02: Lindsey Kelk's I Heart Series

So before I jump head on to this book reviewing thing I have been holding off for so long already, I did make a research on how to go about it. For a while, I wanted to make my English teachers proud by coming up with a book report format but that's tight. I figured I'd just drop the guidelines and do it the Joys' way which also means the same disclaimer applies, you know the drill. Let the bookclubbin' blabs begin!

WWJS. Lindsey Kelk, according to, is a British writer and children's book editor. Lindsey likes to wear shoes, shop for shoes and judge the shoes of others. But according to me and my limited-to-her-novels-that-I-marathoned-during-the-first-month-of-the-year knowledge of her, she's basically someone I will owe whatever awesomeness my life will become this 2012! In fact, I am going to start with a handbag!
My January in words: In love with a certain Alex Reid and lived the life of a woman like a little girl named Angela Clark.

Angela Clark is a twenty something Londoner who found out about her cheating husband-to-be and his on-going affair with a tennis partner on the day of her bestfriend's wedding while she's appropriately dressed as the bridesmaid. She may have also broken the wrist of the groom while making a bit of a scene at the reception when she discovered that the bride, her bestfriend, knew about it all along and didn't say a thing to her. She may have also booked a flight to NYC on her own, on impulse, with nothing but a pair of Loubs to take with her among the not so many things she's managed to put in her suitcase. Who could ever believe that a massive breakup due to cheating covered with loads of lies all over can shake and break and shatter every fiber of your being can lead to the best days of your life yet? Letting you experience several adventures, taking you into the most unimaginable yet every girl's dream places, allowing you to meet a lot of wonderful people along the way? Definitely not Angela Clark. Well, at least not until she's discovered what life outside London has to offer, far from everyone she knows of, where she started living the life she never knew she wanted, or even existed in the first place!

I judge books by its covers. I know it's not a very reliable statement for someone who's giving book review a shot for the first time but that's just how a book seems to talk to me and get my attention in the first place. And so far, it has only failed me once. HA! Lindsey Kelk's I Heart Series covers, to say the least, hit me right smack in the middle of my book vanity! You know what they say, a book can take you anywhere you wish to be. And who wouldn't want to be in New York, Hollywood, Paris, Vegas and coming this June, in London? Well, not me! Aside from the obvious fact of wanting pretty covers on books and the fact that I almost always end up picturing myself in place of the girl in every chic lit story, I really loved how Angela Clark's life progressed from Day One, also known as her bestfriend's wedding day, the event that changed her life - for good. I found myself living her life in my parallel universe, from letting me expecrience the thrill of what it must've felt like to be in the Empire State Building overlooking NYC's skyline at night to the joy of actually having to write "In a coffee shop" under my favorite slambook question of all times - where and when did you two meet to the inexplicable joy and satisfaction a pretty and glorious handbag can give and how, as womanly as possible, it can make anything better.

Obviously, if you've just been under the rock after a massive break up and thinking of ways on how to finally get back on track, then this book is for you. I mean no offence nor sarcasm, I'm just saying if that's the case, then Angela Clark is most definitely your kind of girl! However, I myself can attest to the fact that while everything else happened due to getting over a certain person and a certain heartbreak, a break up isn't really necessary for you to enjoy this series! I for sure enjoyed it sans any breakup whatsoever. Lindsey Kelk's has managed to keep things interesting by adding few touches of women's weaknesses along the way - boys, bags, shoes, dresses, bestfriendship, travels, shopping, even online blogging! You'd be surprised how the series will let you fall in love with it and how you'll allow yourself to just be lost in Angela's world the whole time you're reading it! As for the recommendation, seriously? Are you not convinced yet? I think my WWJS caption says it all!

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