March 23, 2012


* Obviously on a Snow Patrol Roll here on the blog and this is my final installment of the experience! Warning: An extremely wordy, as in word vomit heavy, entry ahead, enter at your own risk. HA! :D Happy reading!!! :)

Question. Do you know who Gary Lightbody is? If no, please proceed here. Next question. How about who Tom, Paul, Nathan and Jonny are? If no, please proceed. Last question. Snow Patrol*, anyone? What are you waiting for, read on!!!

An awful shame that before March 9 of this year, I'm only down to 1/3 and my lone yes belongs to the last question. Before you pass on judgments about me being a complete bandwagon of a fangirl, I'm coming clean. I had no idea who Gary Lightbody is. Or Tom, Paul, Nathan and Johnny for that matter. But I have known and loved Snow Patrol since 2000 and late. Fair enough, all right! I've read from an interview that Gary actually has the same observation, regarding them being known as a band but not as much as an individual which is really a blessing, so I guess my argument is valid?

I have been singing their songs inside my head but not really feeling them at that moment. Though I can totally remember a memory of me walking out of the cinema with my friends when we had to stop when we caught a familiar voice suddenly singing a song with some powerful lyrics on the background. The perfect words never crossed my mind cos there was nothing in there but you... It was right after watching Spiderman 3. Took note of the first few lyrics, and voila! I wasn't wrong. It's Snow Patrol*'s Signal Fire. And it has become a part of my own soundtrack as I was undergoing some major changes in my life back then - graduating from college, studying for the licensure exams and being the most infatuated whoever on earth.

It was an entirely different story if you ask my littlest sister, Anei. This time around, with Snow Patrol, she's the intimate version of a fangirl. I didn't know about that too until that night. She's got loads of stories to come with every song, reminding her of a certain person, memory or situation that goes way back during her highschool days. I can't lie, I was kind of surprised how we are really so much alike in so many twisted ways. It's like a fangirl chromosome's been a default in our genes, being passed on from one sibling to another. If you can remember, she made a remark after watching The Script last time, hoping, wishing, waiting it'll be Snow Patrol's turn to rock Sandance the next time around.

They say be careful what you wish for... I say be very, very careful.

The whole set wass magical! You have to believe me when I say they even sound a whole lot better, like ten thousand folds better, during live performances! That's not saying they sound bad on records because that's clearly not the case, that's to stress a point that they actually have so much more to offer as a band if you get the chance to catch them live. Gary's voice is incredibly powerful. I can get lost in it and would not even think of coming back. Jonny's drum beats echoes the loud lubdub's of my not-so-still fangirl heart especially during Fallen Empires which I think is their all-out-performace-level among the bunch! Nathan, Paul and Tom's collective yet individual efforts will get you spellbound, temporarily suspended and permanently distracted to each song's melody and rhythm. Like you're in your own bubble of quiet, trapped inside a snow ball, with all things pretty and sparkly!

I tried to remember every song by heart. I wanted so much to enjoy every bit of the experience because I live for nights like this! Sad they didn't get to perform New York and You Could Be Happy, couple of their saddest songs ever that's got the power of making me cry but heck, no complains! I loved Called Out in The Dark and the way Gary sang it, there's some hotness in there I can't quite put my fingers on, ha! Chasing Cars is overplayed but definitely not overrated, still so beautiful and sincere even more compelling live. But I've always loved Run more. It reminds me of a memory that I never had. You're All I Have is such a bittersweet song that if I'll be asked to dedicate a song to my future whoever, I may pick this one up! "There's a darkness deep in you, a frightening magic I cling to." It was only after the concert when I found out the words to This Isn't Everything You Are, "just take the hand that's suffered and hold on tight, this isn't everything you are". I'm so happy I took a mental video of it which is now my official song for 2012.  When you took the call, how could you know that he'd slipped away last night? When you wish you'd went home days ago, to say goodbye or just hello. Don't keel over now, you bet I won't! So so so happy I got to hear Lifening coming from Gary himself. Him saying those lines now serves as my daily note to self, a reminder of the simplest of things and how "this is all I ever wanted from life". I'm hopeful I'd be able to reach my own Lifening phase and praying I'd recognize it when it's finally happening. When Gary asks for your hand, for God's sake dear, just freaking take it! Just Say Yes is definitely an earcandy! It's so ticklish that it will definitely make you giggle as if somone's tickling your ears! Needless to say, if it was only humanly possible to get punchdrunk from taking and drinking in so much words and emotions and feelings last night, I would've been the drunkest of them all. And will probably suffer the most intense hangover known to mankind and I'm not even talking about alcohol.

I can't remember having such a good time in so long, the last time I smiled and laughed and danced so hard! Well, not since The Script last November. It's a different case if you ask me. With The Script, I came there wholeheartedly. I know every song that they sang that night from the heart. Heck, I even know Danny's whole birth name before coming to that gig. With Snow Patrol, I had nothing but a couple of tracks and a fangirl heart filled with hopeful anticipation. Nothing more, nothing less. Little did I know that night is going to be one of those nights I'd feel very much alive! Up to now, I'm still thanking everything that has made March 9 a possibilty for me! You know how it feels like to miss someone you've never even met? That's how I feel about the whole experience. No kidding. That I'd miss that feeling even if I've never felt it before.

Final Question. When and where did you meet? On a full moon, barefoot in the sand, overlooking the Emirates skyline, with my happy dress on. Lovely meeting you Gary, Nathan, Paul, Tom and Jonny. So, so incredibly lovely. I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. It must have been amazing to see and hear them live. I love Snow Patrol x

    1. Great! I love Snow Patrol too, Sandra! <3 I wish you can watch them live anytime soon, please do when you get the chance! It'll be a magical experience! xx


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