March 21, 2012


Once upon a time, I met a guy named Gary. He's tall and lanky, cute and awkward. He's funny and totally random too. He's got the happiest eyes to match his lips when he smiles and laughs. His mass of curly hair forms a calculated mess like he was having a very bed hair day which I find a tad sexy. He also plays the guitar and sings quite impressively. He's not reluctant and but definitely a rockstar. He's a loveable jerk and an even adorable clown rolled into one. He's got this familiar feel on him that makes you think you know him from the past or from your highschool but the truth is, before last night, you had no idea who he is. He's like a pair of slippers you'd casually put on after a day's work in high heels. He's comfortable and easy. He is once a dream and luckily enough for me, that has come true and now a memory.
And I live happily ever after.
The End.

Last night, I met Snow Patrol's frontman, Gary Lightbody. In all his velvety voice-sexiest accent in town-skinny legs-adorkable being-scruffy smiling face-all hairy chest-sixfooterish self glory. The night before that, I had no idea who he is, what he looks like and what he's capable of. I was warned and was ready to be swept off my feet. Unfortunately for me, I was wrong. Being swept off my feet alone is an understatement of the century. I was completely and totally blown away.

It was love at first sight.
How can you not love Mister Lightbody, let me count thy ways... 
i. He doesn't talk much. And when he does, it's only to credit the moon, a fangirl's effort, crack us up and crack us up some more. He's right when he said SP*'s shhhload of fun. Can't lie now, they really are!

ii. He took note of the moon and made us all look at it. It was a beautiful flavored and shared moment. I hate myself for not remembering the song from the set he associated the full moon with!

iii. How his voice sounds extremely wonderful and amazing live. So clear. So sincere. So bold. Whenever he'll alter the original tone and make an adlib, girls would go crazy and a massive amount of Aaawww... will arise! Followed with occasional fangirl blabs like Have my son, Gary!, I love yewwww, Gary!,  Gary! Marry meeee! I can't lie. I'd agree to have his son in a heartbeat, too.

iv. Midway through the set, he noticed something from the audience. He went down to get it from a fan wearing it and asked if he can have it, "You're stuck in it? Are you stuck in it?" Turns out it's a personalized SNOWPATROL* paper box robot costume! Guess what happens next?

"It fits me like a glove yeah? Or like a box. " Bonus points for sarcasm!!!!
Adorkable Gary is adorkable!!! Of course we all let out a hearty laugh! Especially when he couldn't get out of it easily afterwards! When he finally did, he said thank you for coming up with a costume and that they appreciate the effort - and that he'll be sure to wear that costume on his next AA meeting! Once again, we all ended up laughing! This guy is definitely something else. His laugh's contagious by the way. Beware. A Gary Lightwinning moment!

"I couldn't get out!" He was bending and struggling and looking as adorkable as ever on stage!
iv. Then he made a dedication. One that sent me over my sentimental edge! A dedication!!! "To you my robot friend, this song is for you." It was Run. It was very touching. I let out a very appropriate jealous fangirl squee.

v. He semi-choked on the last lines of To think I might not see those eyes, makes it so hard not to cry... *insert clears throat hereand then chuckled while singing the next lines. It was the cutest thing ever!

vi. Then came another dedication. This time to the host, Atlantis The Palm, for making Snow Patrol* in Dubai a possibility. It was Chasing Cars. It was one of my infinite moments. I let out both appropriate and inappropriate fangirl squee!

vii. He publicly apologized about having to be a jerk earlier at the hotel lobby, turning down photo opportunities because he's clad in shorts and according to him no one would want a sight of his skinny legs. How adorkable! So he made an announcement, an open invitation that later it'll be his utmost pleasure to have photos taken with anyone all night now that he's wearing trousers. He sounded so sincere and funny at the same time. How'd he do that is beyond me, way beyond me.

viii. The many times he raised his hands in the air - he kept throwing air punches and air push ups! Kept slamming an invisible wall. Hitting his own chest hard with his hand. Every word, every lyric from the heart.

ix. His words. Most of the time, it feels like it's your own. Like he's been stalking your life and magically came up with the just the right song for it. For you. How his singing can make you feel you're alone there with him when in fact there's a sea of 17,000 people around.

x. The way he sways his head from left to right, taking his sexy bed hair with it each time, curly tops jumping on their own, dancing to the music and the beats especially during Fallen Empires.

xi. He's awkward and intense and sincere and funny and carefree. Never thought such packaging is actually humanly possible. Gary Lightbody has defied my thoughts and reality in a span of 2 hours. Now my life is changed forever.

xii. That moment he said goodbye, goodnight and happy dancing.

xiii. Save the best for last. This has got to be my favorite version of all. Gary Lightbody's stunning smiles and genuine laughs. I swear, I die a little every single time. And he did smile and laugh a lot that night. Look at that smile on the upper right hand of the photo, just look!

photos in this set grabbed  from Sandance Official FB Page

PHEW. What a typical fangirl story all right! Girl meets boy. Girl falls for boy... along with half the world's female population. Nope, you cannot quote me on that. That's Marla Miniano's and that's not my name.

Two things. Before and After. I had no idea who Mister Lightbody is; now my fangirl life is changed forever.

Last night, I met Snow Patrol's frontman, Gary Lightbody. It was love at first sight.

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