February 23, 2012

A Benefit Beauty Bag.

I decided to hold a one month dry run of the products before I start blogging about them. I just want you all to be aware of the fact that even if this is not an entirely new territory as I took up Cosmetology as my elective back in high school, my knowledge about beauty products and its effects are rather limited and raw so please don't keep your hopes and expectations up. But in return, I will try my best to do this right and improve by the day. Sounds fair enough? And oh, if by any chance you're in somehow the same situation like myself, then I think I can be of 100% help. High five!

In Benefit's words, it minimizes the appearance of pores, in my words? Well, not going to lie but before November of last year's I don't even know what a primer is! I've been hearing a lot about The Porefessional as one of the highly suggested primer in the market and now I know why! After figuring out the how to's, (all their products come with a very informative leaflet so newbies like us will get the drift at once, don't worry) I  gave this one a try and wow, I'm impressed! I usually don't put anything on my face save for moisturizer but now that I've learned my beauty lesson, it's now moisturizer + tinted sunblock + The Porefessional! I only apply them around the nose and cheek area cos that seems to be where majority of my visible pores are at and also because I don't want to have them used up immediately given it's a tad pricey. It helps make your face give out that porcelain-like flawless impression. I'm pretty sure it'll compliment any skin type and skin tone too. It's hard to say how it really works exactly but once you start using it then stops at one point, you'll very much feel the difference. If you're looking for a sure hit primer, one that'll not disappoint in any way, go try Benefit's The Porefessional yourself. Sure am glad I started out with this as my reference on what a primer should be like.

I am kind of familiar with cheek tints. I have been using one since college. I find it more practical and easier to apply. It just takes extra talent to balance it off on both cheeks and luckily for me, practice makes perfect. I have a "hand" for it now that I've been using the same blusher for years. Or so I thought. When I twisted this open, I was surprised to see a brush resembling that of a nail polish as an applicator. Umm. Back to square one. I started with 2 upward strokes right smack in the middle of my cheekbones but it was rather pale so I followed suit with the 3 strokes included in the how-to leaflet and voila! Effortlessly blushed! It's long lasting and no need for reapplication unless the situation calls for it. Mine usually lasts till my last hour of an 8-hour-shift so you get the drift. It has the scent of Rosa indica - ha, I was just trying to be impressive - I mean that of a rose. And it gives you the right kind of flush, the one you get naturally when endorphins are suddenly in full effect on your body - ha, again trying to impress - I mean the way your skin changes to ten shades of red when you feel kilig! That right there is Benetint blush in effect, that right shade of red, the tenth.

For someone who's been wearing eyeglasses all her life, I kind of neglected anything related to eye make up if only for the obvious fact that it'll be covered up by my specs anyway so why bother. When I first tried this one out, I kind of liked the effect immediately. My usually droopy, tired looking eyes suddenly have a certain brightness to them! I don't use them daily though, only when I give my specs their well-deserved rest which is when I put my contact lenses and my eyes are very much on the spotlight. I still add some quiet amount of concealer to it because my excess eye baggage can be that much! If you're in the same situation like mine, the four-eyed girl drama, then you definitely need Benefit Lemon Aid in your kit!

Now this has got to be my favorite freebie and that's saying a lot since the goodie bag I got is really one full package of awesomeness! The mascara brush alone is different from all the rest I have had tried on before. I can take full control of the strokes which is my usual problem with the others because I have the most fidgety hands ever. And the bristles are calculated enough to set the spaces in between your lashes upon applying. The effect it gave out, considering I'm no pro at all, is satisfactory enough. I was kind of surprised myself too, my eyes looked like an entirely different pair, no kidding! It'll make you look dolled up in an instant, maybe that's why people will go around asking if they're for real or you have some falsies on. So if you're up to defying them, then this one's for you! Go get Benefit They're Real Mascara and answer right on, spot on - they're real for real!

* I got these Benefit Bunch for free as part of my prize in winning Tinayum's Christmas Competition! I couldn't believe how generous Benefit Middle East can get when it comes to giveaways! Still overwhelmed up to now! Thoughts expressed in here are of my own, as honest as things can get, and I am not paid to do this review for them, I just kind of feel like doing it. LOL xx

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