February 02, 2012

TGIS E08 : INCUBUS: Live in Manila

There are lots of happy coincidences in my life and this is one them. Looking back, I realized most, if not all, the major live concerts I have been to has happened in March. There's Incubus in 2008, Eraserheads in 2009 and Paramore in 2010. So in line with my hopeful anticipation that it's going to Snow Patrol this 2012, I'll be reposting my past concert experiences all February long. And hopefully a new one by the first week of March!

Light Grenades Pacific Rim Tour 2008
9th of March 2008
MTV Event @ The Big Dome

An uber fangirl entry comin' right up! Yeah. That's what happens when a topless-ponytailed-Brandon-Boyd performs in front of you. Hey! A hardcourt apart still means in front of you right? I love him. I love them. I love it!

As for the photos, I just took random photos but just like any boie in my life, here's Brandon Boyd's version of the so-called distant-harap-shots! Stalkerish stills at its finest. Speaking of. Earlier that morn, BB was spotted at the Red Corner Gym doing some pumpin' up! Oh gahd, I love that thought! In all fairness, he literally pumped himself up for that night's performance! That explains the "katawang pangromansa" come performance time. He's sinfully good to look at! Fangirl enough for you? And his voice. His hair. So hot.

The lights were love - lived up to the Light Grenades Tour theme! Especially during the "Stellar" performance, woot! The audio, the noise, the voice, the beats, the strums, everything! Nothing beats watching your fave artist live, singing their songs out loud, and yeah, nothing beats the company of good-sooper-friends, my Incugirls! Yes, there's like that. Haha!

And the mere fact that it's INCUBUS!!! *hearts left and right* I wanted to be sentimental about it. Especially when they played Megalomaniac. I freakin' know it's a hardcore one, you're supposed to jump and shout and all that, but it reminds me so much of my HS days! And yes, their song Drive will remain as one my favorite pick-me-upper songs. Beyond stoked they played both songs last night!

So... if you weren't able to make it that night, well...
"I wish you were here.... I wish you were here..."
In our own fangirl words: Fuma-FAN
Up Dharma Down for the opening act!
Your Incuboies!!!
Jampacked Araneta + Cellphone lights
Concertmates + Gold A
Your Incugirls!


  1. hahaha JOYS! naiisip mo ang naiisip ko!! kahapon, iniisip ko talaga habang i'm taking a bath na magcompile ng fangirl photos sa FB, tapos naisip ko na di ako nakapagfangirl last year so sana this year maski isang artist.. :))

    1. Highfive!!! I'll be doing it all February-long, once a week. Ikaw din, let's reminisce! Fangirl memories are always nice to go back to, positivibesss!!!

  2. Tama! Someday, gagawin ko yan sa blog ko. Haha. Mygolay. Snow Patrol!! dream come true!


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