February 29, 2012

TDUG: If I Were A Boy

Bow tie | Denim Top from H&M
I remember when I heard Beyonce's If I Were A Boy for the first time. I remember being sad. I remember saying it's one of the saddest songs ever. What I don't remember though is the Boy. I remember the song, the feeling and all, but I don't remember the Boy. Or the Girl I was back then.

And when I came up with this look, I remember. All at once, all over again.

Nothing like a bow tie to make you feel like you're one of them boys! We got this black velvet bow tie during the usual H&M sale for only 5AED! I finally had the courage to wear it out on a normal day at work and as expected I got a few interesting reactions! I love being able to shock my patients with what I'll be looking like for the day!

I've always wanted to give this look a try - an all buttoned up top and a cutesy little bowtie to "top" it all off! The specs, messy bun and ever so dorky face are there by default but sure came in handy and added the preppy feel to it. I kind of looked like a preschool teacher and a boy wannabe hybrid, don't you agree? But it works! One thing lead to another and complimented each other! It would've been more polished but what's the point of trying and wanting to be a boy when I can't be a bit rugged and messy. (That right there is iJustify talking - download at your own risk.) Although therein lies an idea. I'll be sure to keep that one in mind the next time I give this bowtie another try. (Wow. That rhymes.)

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