February 04, 2012

One Message Scent

Last month, I included a perfume on my wishlist to add into my humble collection of bottled up scents. Been a while since my last purchase and I kind of wanted to have a new scent for the new year. Some two months after, what do you know, I did receive one! I figured now that wishing is not really a waste of someone's time. Somewhere out there, some time soon, someone will make your wish come true! Even if most of that time that someone will have to be you, does it matter? Anyway.

Gifted J'adore Gold Supreme Limited Ed La Perfumaria by Christian Dior
J'adore, according to my not-so-well-stocked knowledge of the language, is actually the French phrase for "I adore you". They say this phrase weighs more than and is way deeper than J'taime which is "I love you". Feel free to correct me though if I got it all wrong. Though I will have to borrow the love part there because it was love at first whiff for me! It was unexpected since I have no idea what to expect from a CD perfume line. Its smell is as royal as its looks, the shining shimmering splendid effect makes you feel just the same. It's like a fireworks display in a bottle and will make you feel just as spectacular when you put it on! And what was I thinking, it's Christian Dior, period.

One message scent, delivered and received this February : J'adore mi amour. xx

PS. Makes me remember Jennifer Love-Hewitt's lines from If Only, "I don't want to be adored, I want to be loved." Hmm. Interesting.

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