February 04, 2012

The Imaginary Ex

*image from Facebook
I came across this image last night, my Auntie showed it to me because according to her, it was such a sweet gesture captured and immortalized. And I totally agree. Except that a huge wave of nostalgia came rushing through my veins upon the recognition of the gesture. Of course I will make a big deal out of it. Of course I will insert myself in the situation. Of course. And since it's February, I might as well make the most of the February air and let it do the talking. 
He'd pass for The Imaginary Ex. Period. Not an Ex-boyfriend nor an Ex-bestfriend. Just an Ex at that. Just to denote something, someone, whatnot from a certain circa of.
They had something good. And just so you know, nothing ever came close after that. Nothing. And she is pretty much sure no one has taken her place - just yet. They had something... else.
There was one particular time when he gave up his shoes for her. It was one of the nine mornings of 2002. 
She was wearing her new shoes and cannot make herself play volleyball with them on. She cannot afford to get them stained so she decided she'd rather not even if she wanted to. 
So he came up with a thoughtful idea of removing his own set of shoes and went on playing with just his socks on. Just so she can wear his old ones instead. Just so she can play. 
She's a real brat like that and he was patient enough. Since then, it never left her thought if she'd still find some silly guy again who'd give up the silly little things like such for silly her.
- An Excerpt from The Imaginary Ex, by Bajoo (2009). 
While we are at it, I had the chance to view the comments under this photo and funnily enough, if not coincidentally, most of them considered this sweet gesture under FRIEND ZONE.

Constant whatever. Imaginary ex. Boyspacefriend. Friendgirl.

Are you any of them? Do you have any of them in your life right now? If you are anywhere within the Friend Zone territory and currently getting lost in the familiarity yet unfairness of it all, I'd like to think these articles will be of big help to you: Your Friendgirl Deserves Better and Not Your Buddy. It's not easy being out there, no matter how you plan on chartering the territory. The girl I knew from a decade ago could have made good use of these. But there's no point to it now, she had learned a thing or two the hard way already and hopefully, had moved on from all the drama. That's why I'm taking my chances on you and yours. Maybe right now, this is exactly what you need, something you may or may not be aware of yet. Maybe at this point, the enlightenment you will get after reading them will make a difference in your life. And maybe the realizations you will encounter will help you arrive to a life-changing decision. Maybe, just maybe. Definitely, maybe...

Now excuse me while I search for the purpose of posting this one up. What's that again, self? Ahhh... Yes. I almost forgot, it's the February air talking.

* The title of this post is derived from Mina Esguerra's My Imaginary Ex. I changed it to article The, because the article "the" may not be disregarded. Whatever that means. xx

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