February 28, 2012

WWJS E01 : Benefit Beauty Bag (Part II)

So yeah. I think it is just but appropriate to share a finished look of some sort after my earlier WWJS post. I didn't plan on a part two post though, I just happen to have the photos so why not, right?

Hi, this is Joys Camille's face of the day - in full blown close up shots.

You are warned. Hahaha! I have had these shots for a while now and I'm happy to have had the perfect opportunity to finally share them. Like I said on my previous disclaimer, please don't keep your hopes up while I still keep trying to get better at this. But just so you'll have an idea on how I go about my Benefit Beauty Bag, I came up with this! And you know, I'm just a girl, sometimes vanity just kicks you in the butt and you end up doing crazy stuff anyway, despite yourself. 

WWJS. That's basically my whole Benefit Beauty BagPOREfessional, Benetint, Lemon Aid and They're Real Mascara - in action all over my face. I really love the They're Real Mascara's effect on me the most. I couldn't stop gushing about how my lashes look like after the application!
For beginners like myself, worry not, as you will be guided every step of the way with each product. The boxes and packaging aren't only fancy and cutesypatootie, on the insides are instructions on how to go about applying them. You'll be able to go about trying them on your own until you figure out what works for you and your face. I have had a couple or more tries on each product before I got my drift. Since I wanted to freshen up my usually droopy eyes, I opted for the white eyeliner and I'd like to believe it did the trick! My lips are bare, or may be not? I couldn't remember if I had a lip balm or my nude shade lippies on or both. They're both not part of the Benefit Beauty Bag though.

Sloooooowly getting there, one beauty step at a time. This is one heck of a step one for me. Couldn't be happier and luckier I got Benefit stuff to play with and begin my journey with. Also, I won another make up giveaway via www.tinayums.com! I have yet to get my hands on them but watch this space for that too! And oh, please forgive my effortlessly messy hair - trust me, you'll get used to it soon enough. Thankyouverymuch.

So, what's your verdict? Enough about what I would have to say. Would love to hear from all of you too. xx

* This is pre-ombre hair. In case you'll be confused at one point or another! :)

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