February 29, 2012

TDUG: If I Were A Boy

Bow tie | Denim Top from H&M
I remember when I heard Beyonce's If I Were A Boy for the first time. I remember being sad. I remember saying it's one of the saddest songs ever. What I don't remember though is the Boy. I remember the song, the feeling and all, but I don't remember the Boy. Or the Girl I was back then.

And when I came up with this look, I remember. All at once, all over again.

Nothing like a bow tie to make you feel like you're one of them boys! We got this black velvet bow tie during the usual H&M sale for only 5AED! I finally had the courage to wear it out on a normal day at work and as expected I got a few interesting reactions! I love being able to shock my patients with what I'll be looking like for the day!

I've always wanted to give this look a try - an all buttoned up top and a cutesy little bowtie to "top" it all off! The specs, messy bun and ever so dorky face are there by default but sure came in handy and added the preppy feel to it. I kind of looked like a preschool teacher and a boy wannabe hybrid, don't you agree? But it works! One thing lead to another and complimented each other! It would've been more polished but what's the point of trying and wanting to be a boy when I can't be a bit rugged and messy. (That right there is iJustify talking - download at your own risk.) Although therein lies an idea. I'll be sure to keep that one in mind the next time I give this bowtie another try. (Wow. That rhymes.)

February 28, 2012

WWJS E01 : Benefit Beauty Bag (Part II)

So yeah. I think it is just but appropriate to share a finished look of some sort after my earlier WWJS post. I didn't plan on a part two post though, I just happen to have the photos so why not, right?

Hi, this is Joys Camille's face of the day - in full blown close up shots.

You are warned. Hahaha! I have had these shots for a while now and I'm happy to have had the perfect opportunity to finally share them. Like I said on my previous disclaimer, please don't keep your hopes up while I still keep trying to get better at this. But just so you'll have an idea on how I go about my Benefit Beauty Bag, I came up with this! And you know, I'm just a girl, sometimes vanity just kicks you in the butt and you end up doing crazy stuff anyway, despite yourself. 

WWJS. That's basically my whole Benefit Beauty BagPOREfessional, Benetint, Lemon Aid and They're Real Mascara - in action all over my face. I really love the They're Real Mascara's effect on me the most. I couldn't stop gushing about how my lashes look like after the application!
For beginners like myself, worry not, as you will be guided every step of the way with each product. The boxes and packaging aren't only fancy and cutesypatootie, on the insides are instructions on how to go about applying them. You'll be able to go about trying them on your own until you figure out what works for you and your face. I have had a couple or more tries on each product before I got my drift. Since I wanted to freshen up my usually droopy eyes, I opted for the white eyeliner and I'd like to believe it did the trick! My lips are bare, or may be not? I couldn't remember if I had a lip balm or my nude shade lippies on or both. They're both not part of the Benefit Beauty Bag though.

Sloooooowly getting there, one beauty step at a time. This is one heck of a step one for me. Couldn't be happier and luckier I got Benefit stuff to play with and begin my journey with. Also, I won another make up giveaway via www.tinayums.com! I have yet to get my hands on them but watch this space for that too! And oh, please forgive my effortlessly messy hair - trust me, you'll get used to it soon enough. Thankyouverymuch.

So, what's your verdict? Enough about what I would have to say. Would love to hear from all of you too. xx

* This is pre-ombre hair. In case you'll be confused at one point or another! :)

The Ooomph in Ombre

Just a quick post about some of my fave things at the moment. Since I don't have an Instagram app just yet, I improvised. And since my recently ombrefied hair tops the list of my fave things right now, it gets to be the title of this post! Sneaky sneak! Anyway. I am currently thinking of what I should keep and let go here on the blog. I don't think I'd be able to keep this "fave things" going on but every so often I check Brandon and I actually find something that tickles my fancy, that's when they end up here on the blog! Looking back, I fairly had an interesting couple of days (or maybe weeks?) hence this somewhat week in photos post. However, it's not something that happens on a daily basis. So I don't know... What do you think?

PS. I am a dork for polaroids!!! Praying for a Fujifilm Instax Camera to magically appear at my doorstep!

My name written ever so sweetly in Arabic | Hitting two faves at one throw: Rayban Avies & Ombre Hair
Weekly How to be Alone Sbux Mocha Frappe fix | Overused le boyf jeans I've worn 8x in a week
First sighting of my madness of a hair | Books hauled from my mini library back home in Pinas

February 23, 2012

A Benefit Beauty Bag.

I decided to hold a one month dry run of the products before I start blogging about them. I just want you all to be aware of the fact that even if this is not an entirely new territory as I took up Cosmetology as my elective back in high school, my knowledge about beauty products and its effects are rather limited and raw so please don't keep your hopes and expectations up. But in return, I will try my best to do this right and improve by the day. Sounds fair enough? And oh, if by any chance you're in somehow the same situation like myself, then I think I can be of 100% help. High five!

In Benefit's words, it minimizes the appearance of pores, in my words? Well, not going to lie but before November of last year's I don't even know what a primer is! I've been hearing a lot about The Porefessional as one of the highly suggested primer in the market and now I know why! After figuring out the how to's, (all their products come with a very informative leaflet so newbies like us will get the drift at once, don't worry) I  gave this one a try and wow, I'm impressed! I usually don't put anything on my face save for moisturizer but now that I've learned my beauty lesson, it's now moisturizer + tinted sunblock + The Porefessional! I only apply them around the nose and cheek area cos that seems to be where majority of my visible pores are at and also because I don't want to have them used up immediately given it's a tad pricey. It helps make your face give out that porcelain-like flawless impression. I'm pretty sure it'll compliment any skin type and skin tone too. It's hard to say how it really works exactly but once you start using it then stops at one point, you'll very much feel the difference. If you're looking for a sure hit primer, one that'll not disappoint in any way, go try Benefit's The Porefessional yourself. Sure am glad I started out with this as my reference on what a primer should be like.

I am kind of familiar with cheek tints. I have been using one since college. I find it more practical and easier to apply. It just takes extra talent to balance it off on both cheeks and luckily for me, practice makes perfect. I have a "hand" for it now that I've been using the same blusher for years. Or so I thought. When I twisted this open, I was surprised to see a brush resembling that of a nail polish as an applicator. Umm. Back to square one. I started with 2 upward strokes right smack in the middle of my cheekbones but it was rather pale so I followed suit with the 3 strokes included in the how-to leaflet and voila! Effortlessly blushed! It's long lasting and no need for reapplication unless the situation calls for it. Mine usually lasts till my last hour of an 8-hour-shift so you get the drift. It has the scent of Rosa indica - ha, I was just trying to be impressive - I mean that of a rose. And it gives you the right kind of flush, the one you get naturally when endorphins are suddenly in full effect on your body - ha, again trying to impress - I mean the way your skin changes to ten shades of red when you feel kilig! That right there is Benetint blush in effect, that right shade of red, the tenth.

For someone who's been wearing eyeglasses all her life, I kind of neglected anything related to eye make up if only for the obvious fact that it'll be covered up by my specs anyway so why bother. When I first tried this one out, I kind of liked the effect immediately. My usually droopy, tired looking eyes suddenly have a certain brightness to them! I don't use them daily though, only when I give my specs their well-deserved rest which is when I put my contact lenses and my eyes are very much on the spotlight. I still add some quiet amount of concealer to it because my excess eye baggage can be that much! If you're in the same situation like mine, the four-eyed girl drama, then you definitely need Benefit Lemon Aid in your kit!

Now this has got to be my favorite freebie and that's saying a lot since the goodie bag I got is really one full package of awesomeness! The mascara brush alone is different from all the rest I have had tried on before. I can take full control of the strokes which is my usual problem with the others because I have the most fidgety hands ever. And the bristles are calculated enough to set the spaces in between your lashes upon applying. The effect it gave out, considering I'm no pro at all, is satisfactory enough. I was kind of surprised myself too, my eyes looked like an entirely different pair, no kidding! It'll make you look dolled up in an instant, maybe that's why people will go around asking if they're for real or you have some falsies on. So if you're up to defying them, then this one's for you! Go get Benefit They're Real Mascara and answer right on, spot on - they're real for real!

* I got these Benefit Bunch for free as part of my prize in winning Tinayum's Christmas Competition! I couldn't believe how generous Benefit Middle East can get when it comes to giveaways! Still overwhelmed up to now! Thoughts expressed in here are of my own, as honest as things can get, and I am not paid to do this review for them, I just kind of feel like doing it. LOL xx

February 04, 2012

The Imaginary Ex

*image from Facebook
I came across this image last night, my Auntie showed it to me because according to her, it was such a sweet gesture captured and immortalized. And I totally agree. Except that a huge wave of nostalgia came rushing through my veins upon the recognition of the gesture. Of course I will make a big deal out of it. Of course I will insert myself in the situation. Of course. And since it's February, I might as well make the most of the February air and let it do the talking. 
He'd pass for The Imaginary Ex. Period. Not an Ex-boyfriend nor an Ex-bestfriend. Just an Ex at that. Just to denote something, someone, whatnot from a certain circa of.
They had something good. And just so you know, nothing ever came close after that. Nothing. And she is pretty much sure no one has taken her place - just yet. They had something... else.
There was one particular time when he gave up his shoes for her. It was one of the nine mornings of 2002. 
She was wearing her new shoes and cannot make herself play volleyball with them on. She cannot afford to get them stained so she decided she'd rather not even if she wanted to. 
So he came up with a thoughtful idea of removing his own set of shoes and went on playing with just his socks on. Just so she can wear his old ones instead. Just so she can play. 
She's a real brat like that and he was patient enough. Since then, it never left her thought if she'd still find some silly guy again who'd give up the silly little things like such for silly her.
- An Excerpt from The Imaginary Ex, by Bajoo (2009). 
While we are at it, I had the chance to view the comments under this photo and funnily enough, if not coincidentally, most of them considered this sweet gesture under FRIEND ZONE.

Constant whatever. Imaginary ex. Boyspacefriend. Friendgirl.

Are you any of them? Do you have any of them in your life right now? If you are anywhere within the Friend Zone territory and currently getting lost in the familiarity yet unfairness of it all, I'd like to think these articles will be of big help to you: Your Friendgirl Deserves Better and Not Your Buddy. It's not easy being out there, no matter how you plan on chartering the territory. The girl I knew from a decade ago could have made good use of these. But there's no point to it now, she had learned a thing or two the hard way already and hopefully, had moved on from all the drama. That's why I'm taking my chances on you and yours. Maybe right now, this is exactly what you need, something you may or may not be aware of yet. Maybe at this point, the enlightenment you will get after reading them will make a difference in your life. And maybe the realizations you will encounter will help you arrive to a life-changing decision. Maybe, just maybe. Definitely, maybe...

Now excuse me while I search for the purpose of posting this one up. What's that again, self? Ahhh... Yes. I almost forgot, it's the February air talking.

* The title of this post is derived from Mina Esguerra's My Imaginary Ex. I changed it to article The, because the article "the" may not be disregarded. Whatever that means. xx

One Message Scent

Last month, I included a perfume on my wishlist to add into my humble collection of bottled up scents. Been a while since my last purchase and I kind of wanted to have a new scent for the new year. Some two months after, what do you know, I did receive one! I figured now that wishing is not really a waste of someone's time. Somewhere out there, some time soon, someone will make your wish come true! Even if most of that time that someone will have to be you, does it matter? Anyway.

Gifted J'adore Gold Supreme Limited Ed La Perfumaria by Christian Dior
J'adore, according to my not-so-well-stocked knowledge of the language, is actually the French phrase for "I adore you". They say this phrase weighs more than and is way deeper than J'taime which is "I love you". Feel free to correct me though if I got it all wrong. Though I will have to borrow the love part there because it was love at first whiff for me! It was unexpected since I have no idea what to expect from a CD perfume line. Its smell is as royal as its looks, the shining shimmering splendid effect makes you feel just the same. It's like a fireworks display in a bottle and will make you feel just as spectacular when you put it on! And what was I thinking, it's Christian Dior, period.

One message scent, delivered and received this February : J'adore mi amour. xx

PS. Makes me remember Jennifer Love-Hewitt's lines from If Only, "I don't want to be adored, I want to be loved." Hmm. Interesting.

February 03, 2012

A Constant Suitor

In accordance to the love month we're all having, I feel like it's about time I share with you all my love affair... with reading.

No doubt, writing's my first love. Everybody would probably agree with me on that one. I love to scribble, blab, doodle, jot down notes, journal-write and obviously - I looooove to blog. But here's a confession. When I don't write, I actually read. As much as I can, whenever and wherever possible. Reading to me is like a constant suitor. Just there. Always been there. Lingering. Loitering. Lurking. Constantly teasing me to go back in its arms especially when I get so caught up with too much writing. And while that's that, shopping though is somewhere in between which explains this post altogether - me writing about what I am currently reading after shopping for books.

We were lucky enough to chanced upon the very first Friday of every first Friday for ARTE 2012!

It was crazy out there - crazy good! They were just setting up when we arrived so most of the books were still inside their boxes. I later on learned that each paperback book is only for 10AED and hardbound ones are for 20AED, such sweet information that sent my excitement over the top! I was literally lost in transfiction. I had the hardest time picking which ones to buy first and which will be for next month's purchase!

But when I spotted George R.R. Martin's A Storm of Swords amongst the mass of books laid down before me, I snatched it right away! Done deal! So what if I'm not even done with Book I? I will have to have this in the future anyway. And what's a bookstore visit without a chic lit? At least that's what it is for me. So after having a good rundown of the options I have, I settled for a Cecelia Ahern. I do judge a book by its cover and this one is a major -what with its royal colors of gold and purple with sparkles and shimmers. It demanded attention and attention I've given. My sister on the other hand went for the Larsson's trilogy. She's into crime investigation genre nowadays so she's more than stoked to have scored 2/3 novels for just 20AED! 4 books for a grand total of 40AED! On a regular bookstore trip, that's just equivalent to one single purchase, saying the least! Books alone are love, what more are the discounted ones! It made me and my sister the happiest bookclubbers in town!

Tamara Goodwin from Cecelia Ahern's Book of Tomorrow said it best, "I think that most people go into bookshops and have no idea what they want to buy. Somehow, the books sit there, almost magically willing people to pick them up. The right person for the right book. It's as though they already know whose life they need to be a part of, how they can make a difference, how they can teach a lesson, put a smile on a face at just the right time."

Spot. On. That's how it's really like with my every bookstore trip ever since. Such a magical feeling! What are you waiting for? Pick up a book... NOW! Though I'll be putting this one down as it is now officially my 5th book of 2012! Alongside Lindsey Kelk's I Heart Series, which I marathon-ed for the whole month of January. More on that on my next post! And oh, what perfect timing too as today marks February's first Friday so be sure to catch ARTE 2012 at the Dubai Festival City! I just might see you there - that is if I actually get my eyes off the books, I stuck my nose on them by default when I see one. I guess old habits die hard, eh.

February 02, 2012

TGIS E08 : INCUBUS: Live in Manila

There are lots of happy coincidences in my life and this is one them. Looking back, I realized most, if not all, the major live concerts I have been to has happened in March. There's Incubus in 2008, Eraserheads in 2009 and Paramore in 2010. So in line with my hopeful anticipation that it's going to Snow Patrol this 2012, I'll be reposting my past concert experiences all February long. And hopefully a new one by the first week of March!

Light Grenades Pacific Rim Tour 2008
9th of March 2008
MTV Event @ The Big Dome

An uber fangirl entry comin' right up! Yeah. That's what happens when a topless-ponytailed-Brandon-Boyd performs in front of you. Hey! A hardcourt apart still means in front of you right? I love him. I love them. I love it!

As for the photos, I just took random photos but just like any boie in my life, here's Brandon Boyd's version of the so-called distant-harap-shots! Stalkerish stills at its finest. Speaking of. Earlier that morn, BB was spotted at the Red Corner Gym doing some pumpin' up! Oh gahd, I love that thought! In all fairness, he literally pumped himself up for that night's performance! That explains the "katawang pangromansa" come performance time. He's sinfully good to look at! Fangirl enough for you? And his voice. His hair. So hot.

The lights were love - lived up to the Light Grenades Tour theme! Especially during the "Stellar" performance, woot! The audio, the noise, the voice, the beats, the strums, everything! Nothing beats watching your fave artist live, singing their songs out loud, and yeah, nothing beats the company of good-sooper-friends, my Incugirls! Yes, there's like that. Haha!

And the mere fact that it's INCUBUS!!! *hearts left and right* I wanted to be sentimental about it. Especially when they played Megalomaniac. I freakin' know it's a hardcore one, you're supposed to jump and shout and all that, but it reminds me so much of my HS days! And yes, their song Drive will remain as one my favorite pick-me-upper songs. Beyond stoked they played both songs last night!

So... if you weren't able to make it that night, well...
"I wish you were here.... I wish you were here..."
In our own fangirl words: Fuma-FAN
Up Dharma Down for the opening act!
Your Incuboies!!!
Jampacked Araneta + Cellphone lights
Concertmates + Gold A
Your Incugirls!

February 01, 2012

At Least A Hulahoop Still Fits

"Anorexia is a disease. It is not a fashion statement." - Brooke Davis, OTH Season 5. Thus this shout out yet and again,"Mabuhay ang mga Brooke Davis sa mundo!"

No better way to start than to show you a photo of myself taken last August 2009.

So yeah. Needless to say, I struggled with weight issues all my awkward years in highschool and college, or you can say almost half of my life.

In highschool, I had to wear the same style of prom dress for two consecutive years because I was too afraid to experiment on what seemed to be an unlikely fit for a Prom Queen body. Worst was during college though when I would dread shopping for clothes because it came to a point when I felt that I was being ridiculed by the staff whenever I ask for bigger sizes. True story. It was also then when I refused to wear a pawn costume for a parade which resulted into a row with one of my friends because I already feel ridiculous without the pawn costume on, I cannot even begin to imagine how I can pull that one off without adding too much of an insult to a very obvious injury. I also developed a fear towards weighing scales and never really had the courage to step on one to have my weight checked until my company required it for health insurance purposes later in my life. I still did not take a look at it, I just had myself weighed. It was borderline traumatic. I couldn't be more thankful I survived that phase without doing anything worse than begging someone to give me some prescribed medicine to get out of my dilemma in an instant which I eventually regretted. But between dealing with all those and an easy way out, you cannot blame me if I did wanted and opted for an easy way out.

I was never the theprettyone nor thethinone. Heck not even thefunnyone or thesmartone. I have always been thechubbyone, if not thefatone. And I have always been okay with that. For a while I was holding back since I was a delusional rebel who thought of indulging the critics by embracing them instead of defying them. My mindset then was since you all think I'm thefatone already, I might as well dress the part. That maybe when I make it look like I'm not affected and bothered at all, which at that time I honestly wasn't, they'd stop and let me be. I kept on drinking soda and wasn't really mindful of my food intake. Watch your diet what? I was a slave for fast food meals and guilty of eating just for the sake of. I have lived a very unhealthy lifestyle and soon enough I was just plainly that - unhealthy. And it took me a long while to realize I have to do something about it - that I want to do something about it.

And that is also why I think that losing weight, like most of the things in one's life, should be all about you and not about other people. It's a decision you have to make, declare and commit every fiber of your being to because if not, what's the point. I remember Andi Eigenman saying the same thing. She decided to lose weight when she realized she wasn't happy with her body anymore. The clothes she'd love to wear won't look good on her and that's when she said enough, I'm going to lose weight from now on. Do something about it because it will make you feel a lot better about yourself and not because you're expecting other people to be pleased if you happen to fall right smack into their specifications.

I never planned on losing weight. No diet regimen or whatsoever. No specific exercise routine. It just kind of happened. It was only when I wasn't comfortable with myself anymore and how I looked when I started wanting to do something about it. And just like everything else in life too, if something's meant to be, it will happen eventually. I may have exerted a bit of an effort on my side too but I realized it was greatly my lifestyle that has changed and resulted to a healthy looking me. It wasn't forced. It wasn't done because of pressure. It wasn't imposed on me. It was a personal choice - a life changing one at that.

While I appreciate comments about me losing weight it's not something I look forward to hearing. Don't get me wrong. It's refreshing but nothing more than that. What I really don't get though is the infamous situation between a person whom you haven't seen in a long while and then all they can say when they finally see you is: "Tumataba tayo ha?" I mean, seriously. I'm sure you can do a lot better than that. There's "How are you?", which power you shouldn't underestimate by the way, or whatever, just skip that part. Pleeeease. Trust me, it's never a good idea to bring that up and it will never be. Nobody appreciates being told that they are fat. Even if it's true. Even if you mean it is as a compliment. Nobody. Especially if you know the person wouldn't actually feel flattered hearing it. I have been in that situation a million of times in the past. It's not a very pretty feeling being on the receiving end of it all. Whoever that person is for sure made an effort to look good before coming out of the door that day then all people can come up with is such comment! It's a little rude, don't you think? Be mindful of your words and your actions. Nobody else is looking out for you because right now everyone else is just looking for second chances.

At the end of the day though, as long as you are comfortable and one with who and what you see in the mirror, then we're all good. As long as the hulahoop still fits then we'll just be fine. Naysayers be damned.

But if and when you find out otherwise, you know it! Let the hulahoopin' times begin!
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