January 23, 2012

Stupid Shiny Volvo Owners

Not going to lie, there are only a couple of Volvo owners I personally know - the fictional boy also known as Edward Cullen and the Full Package Boie also known as Chris Tiu. And it's not going to get any deeper than that. So when my highschool friends invited me over for a weekend in Abu Dhabi to check out a certain Volvo Ocean Race in Destination Village, I was a bit excited in the hopes of meeting some few more shiny Volvo owners and add some more to my list.

This one is my fave. Real sleek and sweet!
Everything inside is touchscreen. Whatever happened to cardboard captions?
The Girl and The City inside the Volvo Ocean Race Showroom, Destination Village
I don't really mean the stupid part but for the sake of stressing a point, shiny and Volvo and Volvo owners altogether will always mean one and the same to me. Good to know there are lots of them still out there. In their all too-shiny-to-go-unnoticed and too-beautiful-to-be-taken-for-granted glory.

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