January 29, 2012

Orange You Glad?

I was already feeling a tad guilty for buying yet another item on impulse but orange you glad for unpublished posts to remind you it wasn't an impulse buy after all? I am talking about my newest babies that I got for 20AED on the massive H&M sale during the Dubai Shopping Restival (DSF) craze!
My Orange You Glad H&M Wedges

Since it was on sale, the downside will be the size availability. It was a size 8 and you know how flexible my feet can get depends on what shoes I will be wearing. I am a staple size 7 as far as flats are concerned but I can be an 8, sometimes even a 9 when it comes to wedges and pumps or anything with heels. So you have no idea how my face lit up and how my week was suddenly made when my sister handed it to me and told me to try it on! What do you know, the shoe fits!!! And did I mention it's only for 20AED? SOLD!

I was already very happy and only less guilty when I came across my unpublished posts and saw this!
I had drafted a post about the shoes I would love to have for last year's but couldn't quite convince myself on buying one because of the impracticality of it all. The Topshop espadrille wedges above was one of them! Lesser guilt going.... going.... gone! Not so good job, forgetful self. How can you forget you once wanted this? Okay, don't answer. So now I am more than relieved to know I don't actually buy on impulse anyways - instinct it is!

Orange you glad for little things and not going to lie, material things that somehow make hard things and hard work worth it? Because this girl and the city surely is! Nothing like a pair of good shoes... on sale... in your size to restore the balance of my human nature, how about you?

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