January 23, 2012

My Abu Dhabi Weekend

This weekend has been a long time coming. Hi, this is The Girl and The City reporting from Abu Dhabi!!!
It was surprisingly hot for a January morning. I arrived in Adu Dhabi bus station a little over 12 noon and went straight ahead to my friend's place. She cooked lunch for us and watched a bit of a certain basketball game before we decided to head off! Only in the Emirates where you can feel like you're in an entirely different country when you're just in fact in another emirate. The 5-lane-wide sreets of Abu Dhabi reminded me so much of Manila. It almost felt like I was in EDSA while we take our ride to the Destination Village. It was oddly peaceful. There's a calculated rush on the main roads but after you make a turn, the rush suddenly disappears. Like that of EDSA-Magallanes. Once you make that left turn, you're all free from it all. Needless to say, it was a heck of a nostalgic ride and the sudden rise in temperature did not help at all. I did try to be not so sentimental but you can't blame me for altogether, AUH made me feel like I'm home even just for a day.
Lucky for me there's an event happening on our time of visit. You all know what that means. I have been fairly very vocal about a certain group of people I prefer bumping into during events and safe to say Abu Dhabi and Volvo did not disappoint. So what if I don't know anything about In-Port Race?
I love how we both looked like we don't know what we're doing!
Meet Teacher Ella! My Kadrafting Ellaine who's working as a teacher in AUH
Le Boyf, Teacher Ella's
The Kingkong Kamagongs!
Myself, Marcee, Ellaine used be highschool batchmates. Kamagong was our section's name during our last year in HS.
Abu Dhabiers! Thank you for having me over and for being such awesome hosts!
Sadly, there were no fireworks but I was able to get the second best Emirates' sky has to offer - an airshow which in my almost 2 years stay in here is a first! Thank you lucky stars! It was the highlight of my stay!
This photo's an understatement. It was speeding fast while twisting itself up there!
I am a dork for anything pretty that's up there in the sky. Whether it's a plane, a bird, or heck, even a kite. So this definitely makes up for the lack of fireworks! I was pretty sure thoughts like Ultraman Ace and Power Rangers came to my mind while the airshow was on. As if I'm not nostalgic enough about home already, here comes my childhood memories! Only it can get pretty tiring and draining looking up to witness awesomeness that lasted for 30 minutes!
On the phone. Asking about a certain Game 5. Multitasker of the year!
Friday the 13th!

Meet our friend and fellow batchmate, Aison.
That's him in red. He got all chubby and cuddly and weird but still cute over the years, so don't mention it. Kidding! He's supposed to be with us but stuff about his flight attendant job got in the way so he ditched us. Kidding! Again! The Abu Dhabi Weekend actually doubles as our annual get together. Seriously, I loved how we all looked like we feel in this photo! Being reunited in a foreign place, in a city of millions some ten years after highschool is definitely one thing that never crossed my mind but look here! We made it happen!

When you're with friends and having a good time, that's when time really flies. We didn't realize we have been standing for a good 3 hours already until well, our heads started to hurt and our throats are all dried up and our knees almost falling off our legs - not to mention our now stiffed necks. It was time to call it a day. Not until we get some dinner though! I'll tell you about that on my next post. By far the yummiest poached potato I have ever had the chance to munch on!

We actually had a full day mapped out but you know what they say about plans, they don't usually work out as planned. We ended up spending the last hours of the day at the Sbux cafe near the bus station, talking about life, love and whatnots. It was the perfect way to put an end to a glorious weekend. Definitely worth my total of 4 hours bus ride, my missing of a certain Game 5 and my coming all the way from another city!

Abu Dhabi, in the words of the famous McArthur (and my lack of having a more appropriate quote at the moment), I shall return!

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