January 31, 2012

How To Spend A Friday E07

Dubai is always a good idea.

How unoriginal, I know. Well Paris is and it's Audrey Hepburn's. But I am nowhere near Paris so Dubai's my best bet at the moment. And quite personally, it really is almost always a good idea coming to the city that I am thisclose to printing out a personalized shirt that reads: Keep calm and go to Dubai. Oh wait. That's an idea. A very good idea actually. Hmm.

We dropped by the Zabeel Park first to check out a Bayanihan Fiesta hosted by GMA7. It was a welcome distraction. Heard Rachelle Ann Go's (live) voice for the first time and went from accepting to frustrating upon realizing how skinny she was in person! Walked around the park a bit, indulged on a free London Dairy ice cream bar and a tad overpriced potato fries. Went crazy over a Marcelito copycat who cracked me up bigtime and was totally jealous of at least 2 kabayans who won roundtrip tickets DXB-MNL and back from Emirates Airlines via a raffle draw. And lastly, it took me some time to realize it, but I kind of left my heart in there for someone to find and hopefully keep, as the chances of getting it back at this point is really super slim, might be skinnier than Rachelle Ann actually. I can almost hear someone sing "I found love in a hopeless place" once it's well, found. Anyway.
The Girl and the City at Zabeel Park, Dubai
Zabeel Park is my kind of place. I really wish we'll have more parks and recreational spots back home. It will do wonders to the souls of a lot of Filipinos especially the young ones and the not-so-young-ones like myself. All right, it will be good for every single one of us. My sister asked me to pose for that second photo, me sitting on the bench. Her exact words, "Ate oh, para kang nasa Central Park." My words? You've heard of this before only this time it's, "Central Park can wait." Spoken like a true girl and the city conquering the world one city at a time!
Not everything is in black and white. Especially and ultimately, not Dubai. Somehow, any place is more magical to me come nighttime. Of course, Dubai's no exception. The city is bursting with so much life, what with it's pretty skyscrapers and all, I had a few whiff of it on me and before I know it I'm already in my best mood. Before I know it, I had fallen in love with it all over again. Just a little bit more and over the edge every single time. It may also have been because of the playlist we had on the whole time. It was a collection of instrumentals that reminded me of Prom Nights. I will have to get a list and share them all with you next time. Pinky promise.
I honestly thought we were headed to Marina Mall for dinner but as it turned out, I was wrong. We were headed to somewhere better - as far as the view's concerned. We were actually set to have dinner at Golden Fork Restaurant along Jumeirah Road. The location's as perfect as it can get, in a corner situated between Jumeirah's lake and busy streets. Dinner tables were set outside lit by a mini yellow lamp. It was impossibly peaceful, intimate and cozy but not intimidating. Once we were settled, done with the orders and whatnots, I did what I do best - people watch. 

A few were walking around, some were even cycling around, if not jogging. Getting some groceries done, running errands or waiting for a cab to bring them somewhere else on a chilly Friday night. There may have also been a group of noticeable gentlemen in what seemed like a pub just across the street we were in. Just my perfect excuse while waiting for our dinner that didn't take long before it was finally served. Nice. I had coffee to with my all-beefed-up dinner because the chills started getting on my spine. Apparently, the poncho wasn't warm and fuzzy enough. I needed outside help.

The rest of the night's spent with me thinking about how convenient Dubai can be for a twenty-something girl like me. Or twenty-something woman like me - no way, girl sounds so much better - we'll stick to that. Filled with renewed and hopeful anticipation of what might happen the next time I'll be around this place again, yet another place filed under my for future use category, I wrapped the memory with a kiss and happily took it home with me.

Well there's that and then some. Like the fact that I wasn't wrong. Indeed, Dubai is always a good idea. Almost always. After all. I am definitely making that statement shirt for myself. Done, done and done!

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