January 22, 2012

Finding PAUL

It was one fine Thursday morning and I bet you'll be surprised to know that I'm already hustling as early as 9 o'clock. I was set to meet with Ms. Tina, the lovely woman behind www.tinayums.com, who hosted a blog competition during Christmas-time and I was one of the lucky winners! And since the meeting place's in Dubai and I'll be coming all the way from Sharjah... By now I suppose you already know the drill as I am that girl from another city.
We met up at PAUL in Burjuman Mall by noon and I just have to share my little lost experience I'd like to call FINDING PAUL. I asked instructions from my Auntie in advanced but to no avail, only because I started off in the wrong direction. People keep saying left then one floor down. What I keep finding when I do that is the parking lot. What I didn't get is that it's actually leftmost of the mall then one floor down. I spent a good 10 minutes running around like a headless chicken. At least I tried looking like a poised headless chicken but I don't know about that. After a few more wrong turns, I finally found PAUL.

They were already on their first cuppa latte when I arrived. Meet Ms. Tina and Ms. Mariyah, Dubai-based fashion bloggers/photographers and quite possibly the loveliest ones out there. I may sound a bit biased, it's true though. The afternoon coffee date altogether is a new experience. As much as joining an online competition is a first for me, this meet-up is part of that growing list too. I also got to meet Ms. Priya and a good looking young bloke but unfortunately for me, I wasn't able to get a hold of his name. Brainstorming with them is like an entirely different dimension, let alone just chatting. That's where and when I realized I kind of missed being surrounded by creative people. Thank you so much for the chance and the coffee date, ladies! It was lovely meeting you both and looking forward to seeing you two again in the future or maybe just around PAUL's corner soon. 

Last set of photo is from Tinayum's Facebook Page. I failed to take a photo of my cuppa so that was hers, I had the same one. And while we're at it, just thought I'd share my default coffee thought these days: Coffee is not a relationship, it is a beverage. And that's me with my goodies! Massive shout out to Splash Fashion and Benefit ME Cosmetics and of course to Tinayums for making this girl in the city a happy, shiny, giddy one!
What's a trip in the city without a little people-watching... That lone guy in white spotted thru my peripheral view easily caught my attention. He looked so fine (quite literally) with the idea of grabbing brunch alone that even I was the one in a group, I felt like I was the one in there by myself. Reminds me of How To Be Alone mantra I plan to master this year. This guy has beat me to it. I wonder what's his story... I was able to resist the urge of walking towards him to ask him exactly that. Might have been for the best since I'll probably end up in prison for privacy invasion. Or might have been not. I have always been more curious than cautious. Hmm.
By late afternoon, I was already back home. I hardly take afternoon walks so I made the most out of the chance I have this time around. From the bus stop, our place is just across this park, a good 10-minute-walk I gladly took and indulged.

I will forever be grateful for the fact that Dubai is just an hour or so away from where I am staying. I can enjoy both the rush and anticipation of just being in Dubai when I am around the city and the relief and stability when I'm back in Sharjah. It's one of my happy places up to date. This time, it has given me a couple of firsts again, with some lovely people on the side. It just gets better by the day, I'm thrilled and excited all over again! And this recent Dubai trip of mine? Definitely worth my hustling as early as 9 in the morning. Like totally!

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