January 05, 2012

Decemblurrr 2011

One month and a year after, well technically since we're now in 2012, I still don't know how to play catch up. December's a blur. (Try saying it faster and you'll end up with Decemblur eventually.) And I feel so sad that I somehow let the Christmassy moments pass me by, that I was anywhere but here during the most wonderful time of the year and therefore wasn't able to extend my warm wishes to all of you. Since all that is behind us now, let me improvise, here's to me hoping you all had a blessed Christmas season and that I hope you're enjoying what 2012 has been offering you so far! CHEERS!

Here's what My Decemblur has to offer... in photos!
PS. I SURVIVED 2011!!! !!! !!!
|Bloomsbury's Cupcakes all the way from Abu Dhabi with love | The Girl and the City, Teen and my sister Anei | Random Stranger named "Tom" | His Royal Gorgeousness Burj Khalifa under the Emirates Sun | Downtown Dubai's Dancing Fountain | Burj Khalifa at Night | Christmas Lunches at Chili's on the 23rd & at TGIF's on the 25th | My Christmas Dress

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