January 24, 2012

But She Wears Short Skirts

I wear T-shirts.
I feel you, Taylor Swift. I really do. I am a self-confessed T-shirt girl myself. I can never seem to have enough shirts inside my closet. I also happen to be a stubborn shopper so I really just always end up buying the same thing, even the same color, over and over again. I am not proud of that too, I am just saying...

And here's a rock solid proof. I wasn't aware of the pattern, wasn't even aware I was keeping tabs of my lazy t-shirt outfits on my BB, but now I've put them all together, I can't help but notice the obvious. Can you not, too? Let's go over them, shall we? From left to right, here we go...

That's me in a very worn out Hanes gray t-shirt for Men. Folded sleeves, slightly loose, it certainly is a perfect fit for me. Pops of color red all over - ring, belt and flats. Sometimes all you really need to complete an outfit so simple as this is the perfect pair of skin tight jeans. This one's from New Look.

My TylerGPosey shirt from Zara TRF gifted by my sister for my birthday. I also call this look as my "Lakas maka-Ateneo Look". No offense whatsoever meant. It's mainly because it's their school color and usually the girls I bump into during UAAP games sport the same lazy look, hair tied in a bun and let the shirt and its color speak for itself. In my another skin tight jeans also from Zara gifted by my Auntie last Christmas time.

The worn out butterfly shirt in gray from Forever21. I have had this for 6 months may be but I've completely worn it out. It's like my go-to shirt and needless to say, my favorite t-shirt of all times. At least for the time being. I love the "chillin' with no make up on" vibe it gives out and it's impossibly so comfortable to wear. Paired it with my structured Jellybean black trousers and gray gladiator sandals for a monochromatic look. And then tried the colour-block trend with my mustard yellow MNG skinnies and blue suede flats from Zara.

See? If I don't pass as THE T-shirt Girl, I don't know what else I would be. A lazy dresser perhaps? Hmm. What's your go-to look? I know this isn't exactly a proud fashion moment but sometimes nothing ever makes a woman feel so confident about herself than her favorite shirt and perfectly fitted skin tight jeans. You know, that familiar fitting feeling of skin tight jeans and teenage dreams.

Did I just make a mix of a Tayswift and KPerry songs in this post? Oh wait.

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