January 22, 2012

Accessorrissues 101

If you'd notice, most of my outfit posts lack something I should be totally adding a lot of in order to achieve a certain look. I am fully aware of the obvious fact and even unwritten fashion rule that any accessory can totally make or break an outfit. And I totally agree! But my dilemma about being reluctant to excessorizing goes way back and believe me, I tried.

I started off as a minimalist. Back in elementary, I cannot go out of the house without a pair of earrings on and a watch to go with it. I felt naked without a watch, I felt less of a woman that I am without any earrings on. But eventually, that changed. In high school, time when the girls went crazy over personalized accessories and whatnots, I started wearing bracelets. I can clearly remember piles of Swarovski bracelets on my arms all in different colors! In college, since none of them pieces seem to work, save for what I put on my hands and arms, that's where I worked it out. I started collecting rings! Something I have brought with me until my Makati working days then and Emirates duties now!

Since I am a four-eyed by default, the issues started piling up again when I got really big and awkward I felt like I need to go right back to my minimalist self. That any added accessories would only make me look bigger and heavier and chunkier so I dropped them all out and just stick to my earring-watch-combination.

I have lots of accessorrissues, as in accessory-sorry-issues, I tell you. I have always felt like my face's too big, make that my cheeks, that any stud or any earring of that same size will not really serve its purpose. Same with anything too fancy, like dangling, drop and hoop earrings. What only works for me are pearl earrings (the large ones) and basically anything chunky and oversized. There's also this theory that I have long been trying to get over with. It includes my battle with an aching back and necklaces. Turns out I feel a massive muscle strain on my neck down to my lower back every time I wear heavy pieces on! My friends and officemates find this funny but it's true! I don't know if it's psychological or it's my bad posture. I mean even a chain with a slightly heavy pendant can cause me too much pain! I always end up removing the piece and just put it back on when I feel the muscles relax. So when all the hassle became too much to handle, I dropped the whole accessorizing thing and decided to stay within my comfort zone.

Fast forward to the time the internet provides so much inspiration, it's all on you if and when you get stuck to your stubborn self. I was able to find some pieces that I think will look good on me, I know I can work it out. My humble collection is a no-match as compared to all those I found around the blogland, but hey! It's a start.
F21 Owl ring | ALDO necklace | Gifted HEALING leather band | Gifted Swatch watch | H&M beaded bracelets | Accessorize Lock & Key bracelet

The necklace is my current fave as it is the only thing of its kind that I have as of the moment. I used to wear that gray shirt on plainly but now, look at how it's transformed! And would you believe they already find these in excess? At least to the people I encounter over the counter on a daily basis. The HEALING band is my new watch, if only for the fact that I already feel naked without it. That's how my arm looks like by default. Like I said, nothing too much yet but give me time and I'll be bigger than any accesorrissues I have ever had. I am really working on it. But until then, I can only dream of the day I can pull off tassle earrings or maybe the feather ones - effortlessly and confidently.

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