December 12, 2011

December Wish #3

ThisClaimer: It's not my fault that it was an impossibility to go unnoticed!

"I just saw my December Wish #3! Screw you, shopping malls!" One after the other, it's not fair! I wasn't even looking, let alone searching, I was just passing through Debenhams' perfume isle, when I spotted a brightly and deliciously colored stack on display that demanded and screamed for attention. What with it's bold packaging - a blonde girl with the reddest lippies in town in a little black dress, hot fuchsia pink background and a sorbet-colour-blocked container. Not to mention it's gold logo that read: PRADA. It was just all too pretty to go unnoticed, too pretty!

Not going to lie, I'm one of those girls who's default image for Prada is Miranda Priestly. A picture of a classy, sophisticated woman who's already living the fabulous life of the rich, the famous and the powerful. So it was a surprise for me to see something with bold elements and colours that are youthful and vibrant with Prada on it!

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Aside from the obvious fact that it's too pretty and yummy from the outside, definitely a welcome addition to my existing bottled up scents collection on my antique dresser, the scent's actually a huge turn on!!! It's a mixture of sweetness and sensuality yet only to a certain desirable level. You'd want to just catch a faint smell of it once in while and not drown in it. You'd want to be constantly lured by the scent yet you won't get tired of it. It's staying power lasted for approximately 4 hours, but that's just on me because I sprayed it on my hands, I had to wash mine later on the day so basically, I washed it off. But the faint smell lasted longer on my pockets, where I kept my hands most of the time that day.

I'm not quite sure though if I can consider it a daily scent. I thought maybe it'll be good for special occasions like a date night, a holiday, during a well-deserved vacation. Some event you'd waited and anticipated to happen and you'd want a certain smell to magnify the effect of the situation and carry with you a lasting memory of it all. Aaaaahhh! I can smell my memories already!!!

If you failed to read between the lines, and if you feel like making me a happy and a bit candy-licious girl for the holidays, I'd love to have this for Christmas! I promise to make the most of every spray and make sure each puff is going to hold a lot of sweet and golden memories! Fair enough? You know you love me! You know you do! HOHOHO!

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