November 23, 2011


NO WORDS - so I'll just let my emotions flow and pray they give justice to what has been the awesomest night of my life yet! Five days and I still feel uneasy, my heart's filled with so much joy that it's just going to explode from too much happiness and I'm not even exaggerating. I have had a week of sleepless nights prior to November 18! Who says only the band members experience pre-concert-jitters? An FYI, fangirls too, in more ways than one. And here I am, close to a weeksary still suffering from an intense fictional disease called HHFH (However Hardcore Fangirl Hangover). I guess it's safe to say that I will never ever look at and listen to The Script the same way ever again. Never. Ever. Again. Aaaaah, my fangirl heart!!!

Can you blame me? We're talking about The Script here! I don't know why some time back in August, I found myself wishing for a fangirl experience with them! Somehow leaving it up to law of attraction after that. At least I did my part of wishing...


I don't even know when, how, why and most especially where! Will it be back home? In Dublin? Somewhere else? Who woulda thunk that some two months after, I'd live to see the day when these Irish boyfs would tweet about this...


The day @thescript announced their gigs for November on Twitter, and one of them's happening in Dubai, I knew I have to be in that concert! Not going is not an option! Good thing I had exactly one month to prepare and outsource to have November 18 done my way! Thankful for my job that doesn't only pay the rent - but also pays for my overpriced fangirl fuel! Thankful for friends and family who's been so supportive of my fangirl stints. Thankful for good company, perfect venue, beautiful crowd that night. Thankful for everything that has made November 18 possible!

The anticipation lived up to every bit of expectation I have had for that night! I haven't been to a live concert in so long since I got here in the Emirates, when I used to go to one at least once or twice a year back in the Philippines. So you can only imagine how I freaked out when I found out that I will have THE SCRIPT as my first live international concert experience! (!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!)

The Script. I don't think they'd fit any definition so you just have to trust one fangirl's instinct on this! Believe me when I say I have nothing but love for these Irish boyfs Mark, Glen and Danny! That seeing them live for the very first time meant everything to me! I never actually realized that until a week before their gig, ultimately the night before! I haven't felt that way towards anything for the longest time!

From the moment M stepped on stage, G sat on his drum corner, D made his Sandance entrance then announced that "We are The Script from Dublin, Ireland..." up to the time they took their trademark bow as the show came to an end while D and M made us sing to fade an acapella version of For The First Time's "Oooooh these times are hard, they are making us crazy, don't give up on me baby", I swear during those times, we were infinite!!!


We were able to squeeze ourselves further down the front line since the rest of the crowd's still busy dancing while the DJ's doing his stuff! Before we know it, it's 8P already and we're minutes away from infinity! When we finally realized it's the closest we can get, we decided to stay right there and that's when we figured, for the first time that night, how our position's close enough to see Danny's pretty face in detail! As it turns out, it's just going to be an arm length or two away from ours! This night just keeps getting better and better!

When the first song's played, which is "You Won't Feel A Thing", I was just too busy convincing myself that I'm actually living one of my dreams at the moment! I'm watching, seeing, hearing, experiencing The Script... live!!! And it really didn't help that Danny's spectacular that night! First song and I'm already lost in trance! This handsome lad can do it all at once, and surely is sizzling hot while at it! Mark's so cute especially his facial expressions!!! He kept looking at the crowd and can't seem to believe what he's seeing! He's all over the place, headbangin'! I loved how he made the "Nothing" introduction. Audio's a bit low since it's an open area but I figured he said the same thing about Danny's Drunk Dialing. He's holding his cuppa beer, asked the crowd who's currently drunk and if we know how dangerous alcohol can be, especially to a guy like Danny, who's sitting like a little baby on the platform. Then he raised his cup before strumming his way to the song! When Glen started his drum solo somewhere along Rusty Halo, I lost it! I was dancing like a crazy person to the point of annoyance! Sorry girl at my back, I just had to. You kept on pushing me anyways so I guess we're even. HAHA! Good good times!!!

I thought I'd cry over The Man Who Can't Be Moved, but maybe I'm just too happy to be sentimental that I just sang with them and drank them in, sans all the unnecessary emotions! Before The Worst's when the guys around me started to outsang us girls! I loved it so much that I made sure I took a mental video of how they seem to have been to that place a mill times over already to pour that kind of emotion over a song! D, M, and G were one with the crowd. For once, the screaming girls took a backseat. When it's finally winding down, fellas around us started to realize they haven't sung Breakeven! They started asking if they just missed out or they really just haven't, so they're all like "They haven't sang Breakeven, yes?" Shouts to the stage, "No, you have to sing Breakeven! You have tooooo!!!" And then we all kinda freaked out when we heard a familiar intro... FINALLY BREAKEVEN! And just like that, a sea of 11 thousand people were standing and singing alone together, as if their hearts are currently being broken unevenly right there and then. It was so beautiful, so so so beautiful. Heartbreaking but very, very beautiful.

I knew the set's already coming to an end after that but I wasn't sad about it. I enjoyed every bit of each superb performance! It was altogether satisfying that I didn't find myself asking for more. It was all so good. So beautiful. So amazing. So real and unreal at the same time. After Breakeven, lights went out and they all just disappeared from the stage! Of course we knew they'd come back! They have to come back!


And that they did! When D hit those keys, spotlights' all on him, we knew we're up to a good finale, as we will all "start by drinking old cheap bottles of wine"!!! How can it be more appropriate!!! We met a few people during the entire time so when the lines, "We just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time" would come up, we'd go around facing random strangers around us, as if we're dedicating the song to each other! I can still smell the memory of it all. As if it's just today. As if it's just about to happen. That feeling you know you would miss even if you never felt it. That's how it was for me that night!

When they all held hands, took the bow and D said his final words of goodbye, thankyou, and I love you, I knew I was indeed and undeniably and definitely, the happiest fangirl in town!!! They made their exit as we sang the last lines, "Ooooohh, these times are hard, they are making us crazy, don't give up on me babyyyy...." lead by Mark and Danny! Danny made his last slow spin dance move, and Mark hit Glen's cymbals using his hand which served as an exclamation point that put an end to the night.

And even if you wish it will never come to an end, it has to. You can only hope that you've made the most out of the chance. And I surely did, folks. Surely did. Let me borrow M's words...

"Atlantis Hotel Dubai, you were unreal! Big love, M"

Likewise, Irish boyfs! No words, J.

There were several times during the concert when M, G, and D were all in disbelief, we were all wondering why. They'd exchange overwhelmed looks and super sweet smiles, and we still wonder why. I guess now I know why... You Irish Boyfs, youuu! Too sweet, too sweeeeeet...

This is one of those times. Look at D's face on the screen...

images from nasimi beach news facebook page

Eleven thousand people. I guess what made the night extra interesting is the fact that all 11 thousand of us will probably have nothing else in common save for The Script's music. There's no general way to address us except as Sandancers, who clearly went to Sandance to experience The Script that night. We were united by their lyrics, bonded by the same emotion of each song, intertwined by their melodies, and joined by same untold stories of our lives... We were all BUT The Script that night. The Script's what defined us all. How magical! No wonder they were all so emotional. It was such a beautiful sight. I am so thankful I got to be a part of this awesome crowd. So so so thankful!!! And if anyone out there's reading this now and you happened to be a part of this night too, please shine some love and hit me up! I'd like to share this memory with you! :)

And oh, in case I forgot to mention it plainly, here it goes...
The Script @ Sandance is nothing much. Just the BEST. CONCERT. EVER. BESTCONCERTEVER. That is all!

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