October 22, 2011

How To Spend A Friday E04

So my weekends have been on a roll since September! Not that I am complaining. I actually love how I can stay committed to an unwritten pact between myself and my weekends! I used to love weekends so much and now, I'm starting to love them all over again.

This Friday we get to do one thing I've always loved to do but never really had the chance to, or the company to go with, for that matter. A movie date night! The whole morning however was spent recuperating from a very tiring work week and watching a basketball game. That's just how we roll!



Karen Millen Plaid Trousers | Forever 21 Butterfly Top & Flats | Girbaud Purse

I wanted to look sophisticlassy if only for the movie we were scheduled to watch that night. This Karen Millen trousers have long been inside my closet, a hand-me-down from my generous aunt! In what any other way can you look sophisticated and classy but in a black and white ensemble! Opted for a pop of color wit the red purse, to avoid looking too plain. I hope it worked. I'm still working on my long-time-accessory-piling-issue with my inner self. I will try to blog about that some time soon. Spot my red, heart-shaped ring though. That's a start!

Can you guess which movie? No less than Anne Curtis-Derek Ramsay-Christine Reyes' No Other Woman! The top grossing local movie from the Philippines has arrived in the Emirates! Went with my Auntie B and my littlest sister Anei. We called and reserved seats for the 830P screening. Cinemas in here are a bit small so you'd probably end up all dizzy and nauseous if you ever got a too-close-for-discomfort-seat also known as the frontliners. We were seated 1 row from the back and it was comfortable enough! We also wouldn't want to take a risk of getting "sold out" excuse from the teller because that'll be an ultimate momentum-breaker. HAHA!

I don't think any comment from me would be legit because the story's an unfamiliar territory. But it was an awesome performance as a whole from the actors. That's why I enjoyed it! Like I said, unknown zone but somehow I felt Kara's pain, Ram's guilt and Cha's frustration. Especially Kara's. Christine Reyes and Derek Ramsay were perfect fit for the characters too but Anne Curtis owned this. Her every scene's remarkable. Not to mention her wardrobe, hair, littlest waist line ever and too-hot-to-handle body! Safe to say though, that I'll always remember how this movie went down - for future use. I'm sure you get what I mean. "Oo nga naman. Tagal-tagal mong hinanap at hinintay tapos aagawin lang sa'yo? Ano sila, sineswerte?" I remember letting out this comment at one point during the movie, I don't even know why and where the heck did that come from. Guess the movie's that effective. It makes you feel a non-existent emotion from a totally non-existent reality. For me at least, it was non-existent... yet.

It was very relaxed Friday spent with my loves, I could really get used to this. Spent the remaining hours of the night discussing the movie over a cuppa tea at home. How was yours? I hope you had a relaxing weekend too. I think we all deserve one, aye?

October 16, 2011

TCG E05: Ping Pong Dim Sum Delight

After a little trip down the restaurant lane around The Dubai Mall that same Friday, the choices can get really overwhelming! Good thing we did a little research before going out that night. Main thing for us is to try and find some Milk Tea around since it's been the latest trend back home. Turns out the one stall is located at Dragon Mart so that's not an option at all. Next closest thing we found was the Bubble Tea from Ping Pong Dim Sum menu I found online.

A little interesting trivia about the Ping Pong Dim Sum Restaurant, it was my Uncle O who's behind the structure of the whole place! He designed the whole thing! That's why I found it familiar the time I saw it online, he pointed it out to us when we made our first visit to the place last New Year's Eve.

We were able to dine a little later than planned because we spent a tad bit too much time strolling around. We first checked out the menu, planned on just buying the drink and maybe walk around while we sip. But when we realized we have been walking around all evening, we might as well dine and grab a bite. We were initially seated inside, in a little corner when we figured there's an open space outside, overlooking the whole patio where The Dancing Fountain is located. So we asked to be transferred. The waiter assigned to us was very accommodating, to think it's almost closing time already! Props for showing no sign of tiredness or grumpiness at all! He even said we have our Kabayan outside and she will definitely take care of us! Only problem is there's no more fountain show to watch because all the scheduled shows were over and done for the day already. Fail, we know. That's why we're definitely coming back!

This is us when we finished ordering up, still at our little corner. Meet my dates for the night, Teenie all the way from Abu Dhabi and my littlest sister Anei, my forever constant date. :)



The piece of paper right there at the middle of the table is the order sheet where you'll just tick the boxes using a pencil to indicate the items you've ordered. Each dim sum item is assigned with a number too, makes ordering a less complicated. 


We ordered Chicken Siu Mai (Signature Dishes), Seafood Dumpling (Steamed), Crispy Prawn Ball (Fried) and of course, the Bubble Tea! We all ended up ordering up the Strawberry and Vanilla Bubble Tea combination! I'll probably give the Kalamansi and Rose a try next time!



It was worth every bite! The Seafood Dumpling's got to be my fave. It's tasty and the sauce compliments the dim sum! It brings out its elements! I have yet to work on my food critique self so that's all I can give for now! ;) The bubble tea's not disappointment too! It wasn't too sweet nor bland, it was just right! We are definitely coming back to experience Love Lazy Fridays which also means unlimited dim sum! I'd love to get a taste of as many dim sum treats as possible!


Aside from the awesome dim sum treat, you have this breathtaking scene in front of you while you dine and later on serves as a good backdrop while you take souvenir photos of the night like these!



I guess it's safe to declare now that I Love Lazy Fridays! Who doesn't??!!


If you're looking for a dim sum treat around downtown Dubai, check out Ping Pong Restaurant and let me know about your experience if ever! ;)

Ping Pong Restaurant
Dubai Mall Food Court
Dubai P1 LG
Tel. No. +971 (0) 43399088

October 15, 2011

How To Spend A Friday E03

In my almost two years of "living" here in the Emirates, I've only been to The Dubai Mall twice. Once was during the New Years' Eve, it was love at first sight. And then the second time was last Friday, with Teen and Anei. Going there's yet another adventure since we will be coming all the way from Sharjah. After a bus ride that took 45 minutes including the Thursday night rush, we arrived at the Burjuman Station around 7P, hailed a cabbie going to the nearest Metro Train station and then off to The Dubai Mall we go. It was just 4 stations away so we were only charged with 4.50DHS per head and again, nothing like any MRT experience at all. No S's, as in siko, skip train or salary deduction for that matter. Eezy breezy! Hahaha!

It was my first time to go there by train so I was kind of surprised to see a bulk of people with their cameras held up right outside the end of the tube. Turns out, it's a perfect vantage point if you want a photo op with Royal Gorgeousness Itself, The Burj Khalifa. However, the moon and the almost-empty parking lot caught my attention first, I asked them to snap a photo of me.


We took turns of having our photo taken with its Royal Gorgeousness and here's my version. I won't get tired of having photos with him, he's so tall and charming and... sparkly! And oh, did I mention tall? My love for everything sixfooterish and beyond, justified. 

H&M asymmetric top | Zara pants | Vincci sandals | Lacoste white purse

We spent a loooooot of time taking photos of ourselves during our walk to the mall itself. So funny I still feel so touristy around the city considering I've been around here for some time now. Here are some snaps!


I am a sucker for good lightning. I love it when city lights are shining like diamonds and Dubai never ever fails to satisfy that first-of-summer-feeling I seem to have all year long. Look at that walkway...  How royal!

Upon entering, we were overwhelmed by the amount of luxury cars in line for valet parking! Sports cars and four-wheel-drives alike! Such a pleasure to look at, the fabulous life of the rich and the famous! HA! With the lifestyle these people have, it's a shocker no more but you know how I roll, I almost fangirl over anything so...

Inside the mall, you'd probably get lost with the vastness of the whole place! We only get to walk around the Fashion Avenue and not gonna lie, it was exhausting. But very rewarding! The Dubai Mall offers you a huge array of shops, from the designer brands to high street fashion down to a great selection of cuisine when you get all hungry after all the walking, talking and shopping. One thing that'll catch your attention will be this larger-than-life in-house aquarium. Yes folks. It's right inside the mall.


Right before heading down to the resto area, we found this bunch of silver surfers divers! I haven't quite figured out if they're supposed to mean something... or anything at all. Hee!


Since the mall can get pretty much too complicated for the three of us, we usually seek the help of our buddy right here! From Topshoppin' to Longchampin' and everything in between! Also, it didn't help that Kim Kardashian, yes, that Kim, happened to be in one atrium around the Fashion Avenue for the launch of Millions of Milkshake! Place's packed with beautiful people! I had fun just looking around! What an eyes-breaker! I mean, it's a usual thing to see girls ogle over boys, fine, women over men, but the other way around? You have got to be kidding me! The alpha males, Araboies and foreginers alike, were all over the place - cheering for Kim! One for the books!


After checking out the stores on our list, we finally decided to grab a bite. Dimsum delight over at Ping Pong Resto. But that will be for another blog entry. We came up short with all the planning since we missed out on the Dancing Fountain Show which was part of the original plan. Oh well, that can only mean one thing! We are definitely coming back! Perhaps in December? Hoping against hope they'd give us the treat of a Sparkling Burj Khalifa then!

For two consecutive months now, we are kind of successful in making the pact come to life! And that is to spend a guilt-free-weekend anywhere in the city once a month! You already know what's in store for us this November! An entirely different way to spend a Friday, not that I am complaining! Can't wait! Been saving up for a lot of things but hey! Once a month treat wouldn't hurt right? We deserve it!

For now, t'was just another awesome weekend in the city of millions for the girl. Find me.


October 07, 2011

Never A Sweet November No More

Looking back, my Novembers weren't really sweet. I don't know why I expect them to be in the first place. Oh wait. There's that movie. But I think that this year, finally! It's going to happen differently!

3 things. The Script. November 18. Dubai, UAE. Ladies and gentlemen, I am the happiest fangirl in town!!!

Re-rewind to April.

Earlier this year, The Script surprised Manila when they decided to stop by the island and break some hearts, if not a lot. I wasn't there but I was heartbroken just the same. Because I wanted to be there. The Script was in Manila, the Forever Fangirl isn't.


I had to settle for the next best thing instead. Watched the concert thru live tweets from my friend who actually watched it live with her sister. The concert plus the aftermath's highly contagious that despite being in an entirely different continent, I somehow experienced the same intensity and even suffered the same level of infamous hangover and withdrawals!

Fast forward to October.

Earlier today, my sister bombarded my timeline with tweets about The Script coming to Dubai - our semi-current city!!! I was at work and was not really paying attention to my timeline! She had to post several mentions to get my attention!

What do you know... Some six months after, The Script's decided to drop by the desert, where the Forever Fangirl is currently at, for the same purpose: to break hearts! But unlike before, no time to be heartbroken! You have no idea how giddy I was!!! Thank you, fangirl gods and goddesses!



Are you coming? Because if you are, heads up! This is how a Sandance is done!

No kidding! Ten uninterrupted party hours by the beach with a possible fireworks display by night and full live concert by The Script in a city of millions! Sweet you rock, sweet you roll!

If all things work out as planned, The Script at Sandance will be my first ever international concert experience! How awesome is that! I couldn't ask for a more fitting one, save maybe for Coldplay. I can smell the memory already! If you're as excited and you know it clap your hands! CLAP CLAP!

PS. You may ask... WHY? Let's just say that contrary to earlier belief...

all images are from google

I cannot wait!!! Really really cannot wait!!! That is all!! xx

October 03, 2011

TGIS E06 : CoachT is My New Coach Whitey

I. Coach Whitey

"The important thing is not to be bitter over life's disappointments. Learn to let go of the past. And recognize that every day won't be sunny, and when you find yourself lost in the darkness and despair, remember it's only in the black of the night you see the stars. And those stars will lead you back home. So don't be afraid to make mistakes, to stumble and fall, cause most of the time, the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most. Maybe you'll get everything you wish for. Maybe you'll get more than you could have ever imagined. Who knows where life will take you. The road is long and in the end, the journey is the destination."Coach Whitey Durham | Just Watch The Fireworks | One Tree Hill S03E15 (2oo6)

If you're a One Tree Hill fangirl just like myself, Coach Whitey needs no further introduction. He may be a fictional character but that doesn't mean I cannot have him in my list of favorite coaches. But of course, you can always blame my addiction to OTH back in college for that. But then, not totally.

II. CoachT

"These guys deserve to have the support of the Filipino people." - CoachT | Party Pilipinas | August 2o1o.

And if you're a Smart Gilas Pilipinas fangirl just like myself (again), like Coach Whitey, CoachT needs no further introduction. Only he's no fiction whoever, he's a real deal. Eventually, he made it to the elite list of my favorite coaches. Of course, you can always blame my existing Gilas addiction for that, too. But then (again), not totally.

III. The Girl

I met him personally, together with the rest of the Gilas Team, last January 2o11 when they joined the Emirates NBD Invitationals Cup for the second year in a row. I had a few moments with him. One was when I asked for the photo above. It's actually him who asked me, "Do you want a photo too?" HAHAHA! I was too shy and starstruck to approach so he kind of spare me the jitters! And the rest would be when he'd just be hanging out with us outside after each game night. There was even a particular night when he had to tell the guards to back off and let us have our chance with the National players. He knows how basketball crazy Filipinos can get so he told the guards that. "Let them. We're not in a hurry. They came here for them. My players are not tired."


During the last game night, he was the first one to come out to face us, t'was a game we lost to Egypt. He apologized for coming up short and thanked everyone who's been coming from all over to watch each and every game to show their support and he promised they will be back again next year. In his words, "See you next year, we will be back!"

And I wish I had more to share like that of Christopher John's. From afar, CoachT already seems to be a very nice man and I'd love it very much to get to know him and learn stuff from him. He's shared his experience with CoachT in his personal blog and his post moved me to tears. Especially the part where CoachT gave him his chip. Iyak-iyakan talaga ko. You can check it out here. Eversince Day1, CoachT has nothing but praises and good things to say about Christopher John. He has put so much faith in him and seeing that kind of faith one person like CoachT is capable of giving to another person like Christopher John is an inspiration we can always put to good use. And in the long run, this faith has been passed on to each and every member of the team. His faith and respect for the Gilas Boies and our whole country as a basketball crazy one as a whole never faltered. To think he's not even Filipino by blood. If only for that CoachT, thank you. You have been such an inspiration to us Filipino basketball fans in more ways than one.

For now, enjoy home with your family CoachT! It's been too long already. Get some well-deserved rest. And thank you so much for the wonderful Gilas journey and memories! I'll keep replaying 'em on my mind until the time you'll be able to keep what you promised. If and when that happens, I promise you CoachT, I will be seeing you there!

And if this is already an end of something, if the journey is indeed the destination, then this journey is surely one heck of an amazing destination!

October 01, 2011

How To Spend A Friday E02

Laces and stripes and everything nice.

Aside from being a resident stubborn scarecrow, I can be a very stubborn shopper too. I've noticed that I tend to be inclined to the same type of clothes every time I shop. My sister thought so too, so when I picked this one up, she's like "Stripes na naman? Mukha ka ng stripes!" Hahaha! Well, I guess one girl can never ever have enough striped tops inside her closet. Especially if it's in yellow, with laces and eyelet embroidery and zip-back details.



This is what I wore to church today. I made up for the fact that I'm not in a dress this time with the lady-like details of my top and my brown wedges. And since I wanted to put emphasis on my detailed top, I pulled my hair on a ponytail and put on minimal accessories. Still lady-like enough for me, what do you think?



See? I told you! A-ma-zing details! The style actually reminded me of our local brand, Kamiseta. And just to add some more amazingness to it, I got this on sale! I am so proud of myself. Even the pair of high-waist trousers I'm wearing was on sale when I bought it. The brown wedges' part of the last shopping spree I had in MNL some one year ago! And today, it gave up on me. :( It's probably a sign I should get a new one already! When is the next sale season happening, anyone? HAHA!

No buffet nor malling for us this week. Instead we grab a KFC Bucket Meal to go and decided to eat at home since the nearest mall's bursting with kiddos excited for the weekend! KFC is always a good idea. Garlic and gravy sauce. Spicy fries. And the classic original chicken. One can never ever go wrong with that!

Allow me also to share my another part of everything nice for this week. At church earlier, I loved how the Bible verse for this week's message is one of my fave passages ever  Matthew 11:28! "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Sometimes, life gets a tad too busy and we all get so caught up and lost in translation AND transition that we soon find ourselves just lost and tired. It's nice to know Papa God will always have our back. :) This is one of the Lord's promises that I always hold on to. I'm so glad I was reminded of this today. I needed that break from the ordinary, from the current chaos. I need me some rest. :) And on that note, I'm leaving you with this...


Another picture of my made-up-self only this time, I've got company! Say hi to them Christophers (and my litol brudder)! Off to get me some real-time rest now! Back to the normal grind tomorrow!

New week, new month, good ole' self. Let's do this! :)
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