September 05, 2011

The Dubai Creek (Khor Dubai) Park Experience.


When I first started this blog, the vision I had in mind was to share the possible changes I will encounter in my life since I'll be living in a foreign land for the very first time. To document my quest in conquering the world, one city at a time. I even adopted my blog's header from Michele Gorman's Single in the City, a story where Hannah, the single girl moved miles away from home to London! I think I was successful during the first few months but somewhere along the way, I kind of lost it. Unfortunately.

Then I got it back! So I have decided to pick up the pieces in slow motion. Let me start with one of my favorite memories with this city up to date. It was last year when I spent one weekend of September with my Emirates family doing some of my favorite things. We went on a picnic, cooked barbecue, watched fireworks and took lots of photos of the Al Maktoum Bridge. Dubai is definitely one of the prettiest cities by night! The city lights bring so much life to the natural blackness of the night. And the Dubai Creek Park is a perfect vantage point, overlooking the lake, across is the Al Maktoum Bridge, and for some reason, there was also a fireworks display by the same bridge that night! Just got lucky I guess!

If you want to spend a nice classic weekend with the family, especially if you've got kiddos with you, I recommend this place to you! Dubai Creek Park offers a break from an ordinary amidst a busy city like Dubai. There's an entrance fee of 10DHS/head which is reasonable enough since the park is well-maintained and generally clean! If you want to avail other services the park has to offer like cable car rides, bike rentals, boat rides, etc., you'd have to pay for its respective charges. And since most of the people get their Fridays off, you can expect a bigger crowd on this day so I say you come earlier if you can, so you'll avoid the rush hour, not worry about a parking spot and have the luxury to choose your spot. You're also allowed to bring food and drinks plus other stuff inside! You can find designated areas to have your meat, beef or chicken grilled, although you have to be cautious when you plan to grill pork as we all know, Dubai is still part of the UAE which is generally a Muslim country.

That's just about it. Find a spot, get settled in and enjoy the night away. That's exactly how we rolled! I may have to come back and try the rides though! The cable car ride's a must next time! I wonder how Dubai will look like from an elevated level! Overlooking the city, why not! But as for that one September night, watching the fireworks by the creek with my family was more than enough. I'm one blessed city girl!

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