September 24, 2011

How To Spend A Friday E01

For most part of the world, people look forward to Fridays because it's the end of a work week and a start of a possible awesome weekend, hence the phrase: Thank God It's Friday! But not in the Emirates and other parts of the Gulf. We pretty much do things differently here - Thursday night is the new Friday night while Friday's the new Saturday AND Sunday.

I finish work at around 10P everyday. But sometimes during Thursdays, when there's no too much rush, my semiboss would let me sneak out earlier. Normally I'd prefer a movie date night or a dinner somewhere with someone since there would be no work the next day. I can stay out all night I want and not be cautious of the time and the day after. But I haven't been normal in so long so what I do is I just walk around with my headphones on and try to walk the furthest possible way going home to kill extra time and clear my mind. And then spend the rest of my day online. That's how I prefer spending Thursday nights nowadays, not that I have much of a choice though.

However, I would like to believe I have been spending Fridays quite 'normally'. Here's a sneak peek of what a typical Offriday looks like for an atypical OFW who happens to be yours truly.

The five of us, Uncle O, Auntie B, Idoshie, Anei and I, would be up and about by 10AM. After some time we would all find ourselves in the kitchen to do some cooking for our brunch. It's only during Fridays that we all get to be home, prepare food and dine together so it has been a routine to help each other out in the kitchen and do some catching up while at it. We also tend to save the main courses for Fridays, for the same reason that we all can enjoy cooking and eating them up altogether.


For some particular Fridays like today, we gather up in front of the telly to watch a basketball game. Which has always been a Smart Gilas Pilipinas game, our national team. It has become a fam thing after we all got to watch live games of the ten-day-tourney they had here back in January of this year.


Then we spend the rest of the afternoon doing our own thing until 4P when it'll be the time to prepare for church. We're 4 girls in the family so it's understandable we allot a total of 2 hours for the prepping up, mass is at 630P and travel time + search for a parking slot can take us 30 mins max. This is what I wore going to mass today. I make it a point to wear my dresses when going to church when I can because I remember my old man telling me he loves the fact that his little girls take their time out to look extra nice for Him.


After hearing mass, we usually dine out or do some malling. Sometimes we'd squeeze in a drink or a night out but that doesn't happen much, only when called for. So for an ordinary Offriday like tonight, we had a buffet din at Comfort Inn Hotel in Dubai. Happy tummy! I swear, their Tiramisu Meltdown is to die for!!!

And then when there happens to be some gas left in my tank, I do this.


Take silly pictures of myself wearing make up. Which I only get to wear during Offridays - bilang off ni Inday, remember? :D

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