April 10, 2011

Information Overload

Hey guys!

It’s been a long while since the last time I actually updated. I am personally saddened by the sad truth that for a while I have succumbed to the alternate universe of microblogging and took a conscious leave of absence on the real blogging world. That or may be my life has gotten less interesting with nothing new added into it for the past days. At least nothing new to the good old me.

March started out rough. I’m not actually expecting 2o11 to be a good one at all so I have been repeatedly telling myself this : “No Expectation, No Disappointment” since January. But then life works one way so even if you’re not expecting anything at all, you’d still end up disappointed in one way or another. I’m sure you get what I mean.

March included a birthday and an anniversary. Happy birthday, my old man! And then there’s my Emirates’ anniversary. It’s been a year since I left my comfort zone for 22 years behind me and head on to what I believe is the comforter zone. Twelve months and counting.

I also got myself a haircut. Same time last year, I finally decided on pulling off a full bangs. And then this year, it’s back in town! Too bad I don’t have a decent picture of myself yet so I can’t really show you guys what it looks like. I love how light my hair feels and looks like now. Very summer-y! Its layers cum curls’ bouncing right on top of my shoulders, somehow creating a volume I haven’t had in a long time since I always go for the rebonded look. Been thinking of coloring it too but I haven’t fully decided if I want to go that way since it’ll require “extra” treatment once I get started. This is courtesy of my Aunt’s friend, Ms. Jessica. She’s a fairygodmother! Do you remember how my hair looked like over the holidays last year? She’s the one responsible for that too! It’s true when they say you must have a personal relationship with your hair stylist! I cannot be more thankful I found one in here! Thank you Ate Jessica! :)

And then there’s our Unico Hijo’s graduation! I am so proud to say he’s a QuadGrad! A part of the UST Quadricentennial Batch! I keep telling him there’s no other option for his year of graduation! I want our surname to be a part of my Alma Mater’s history and he did not disappoint! He got to have two medals upon graduation, can you believe that! At least I can take credit for the other one, I insist! I am just so happy for the parentals! Finally! The last slew of liability is over! And for my little brother of course, he deserves all of it! In more ways than one! He’s the bestest out there, one of its kind and saying that I’m proud of him is an understatement cos I am more than proud! I am blessed beyond belief to have him around!

Work in the pharmacy is pretty much the same but a lot heavier. My colleague left for a vacay so I’m left doing all the leg work with my semiboss which can be pretty toxic at times. But it’s part of the job! He’s got his off days, with all the toxicity a boss’ entitled to have, but at the end of the day, I know I’ve got myself another good one as an employer. So I am nothing but thankful and grateful for that. It’s also refreshing to have people trust me now. Well, I’ve been around for a good twelve months already! Trust should no longer be an issue. Patients coming back for consultation, asking for my opinion on things, it makes me feel super! I just hope I can channel an inner Chuck Bartowski to be able to speak and read and write Arabic when needed! That’ll really be of great help as it is an impossibility! So yeah. Might be sticking around for a good couple of years and then it’s time to click the refresh button again, if not a start button OR BETTER YET an insert button.

Wow. This is quite a comeback entry! Bear with me. I just wish I can include an outfit post also since I am currently in love with the color blocking trend! I’m wearing the royal blue skin tight jeans I got from H&M, a sheer white blouse and a my trusty red shoesies from Zara. I have yet to switch into the bolder color blocks! I’m excited about this! I just hope I can have better pictures to share.

But oh well, one mission at a time.

PS. In case, I forgot to mention... I'm back! xxjoysxx

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