December 12, 2011

December Wish #3

ThisClaimer: It's not my fault that it was an impossibility to go unnoticed!

"I just saw my December Wish #3! Screw you, shopping malls!" One after the other, it's not fair! I wasn't even looking, let alone searching, I was just passing through Debenhams' perfume isle, when I spotted a brightly and deliciously colored stack on display that demanded and screamed for attention. What with it's bold packaging - a blonde girl with the reddest lippies in town in a little black dress, hot fuchsia pink background and a sorbet-colour-blocked container. Not to mention it's gold logo that read: PRADA. It was just all too pretty to go unnoticed, too pretty!

Not going to lie, I'm one of those girls who's default image for Prada is Miranda Priestly. A picture of a classy, sophisticated woman who's already living the fabulous life of the rich, the famous and the powerful. So it was a surprise for me to see something with bold elements and colours that are youthful and vibrant with Prada on it!

all images from the web

Aside from the obvious fact that it's too pretty and yummy from the outside, definitely a welcome addition to my existing bottled up scents collection on my antique dresser, the scent's actually a huge turn on!!! It's a mixture of sweetness and sensuality yet only to a certain desirable level. You'd want to just catch a faint smell of it once in while and not drown in it. You'd want to be constantly lured by the scent yet you won't get tired of it. It's staying power lasted for approximately 4 hours, but that's just on me because I sprayed it on my hands, I had to wash mine later on the day so basically, I washed it off. But the faint smell lasted longer on my pockets, where I kept my hands most of the time that day.

I'm not quite sure though if I can consider it a daily scent. I thought maybe it'll be good for special occasions like a date night, a holiday, during a well-deserved vacation. Some event you'd waited and anticipated to happen and you'd want a certain smell to magnify the effect of the situation and carry with you a lasting memory of it all. Aaaaahhh! I can smell my memories already!!!

If you failed to read between the lines, and if you feel like making me a happy and a bit candy-licious girl for the holidays, I'd love to have this for Christmas! I promise to make the most of every spray and make sure each puff is going to hold a lot of sweet and golden memories! Fair enough? You know you love me! You know you do! HOHOHO!

December 10, 2011

How To Spend A Friday E06

Random Fridays are the unplanned ones. The kind you don't plan for the night before. The kind that's brought about by spontaneity, say maybe decided over lunch on the day itself. The kind we had for this week.

We just had lunch and while finishing up the kitchen chores, I remember my Auntie asking me, out of nowhere, if we'd like to check out the "HyperPanda offers" and handed the brochure for me to have a look. She pointed out two things and I was quick to say yes! Believe it or not, we were actually aiming for the *waitforit* tilapia and bangus! HAHAHA! Price's ridiculously low as compared to what we usually get them for at the fish market! Kidding aside, not going to lie, recession has hit the Emirates too so when offers like these are available, be sure to check them out! The feeling of having been able to save even just as low as 5AED differential from the product's original price can make a lot of difference! Discounts on food and grocery's always a good thing. Always!

Something Blue | 102nd Dalmatian
Finally had a chance to go out with my new baby! I'm in love with it and the way it instantly adds a burst and pop of color to my outfit! The scarf was something I managed to wrapped around the handle, a personalized touch from my limited-artsy-self. It frustrated me that I even had to Google a "how tie my scarf on my handbag" tutorial cos I can't figure it out at first! I used to be a lot more creative than that! I loved how it turned out though, don't you? Not bad, limited-artsy-self, not bad at all! 

Whenever I wear this tennis shoes from F21, I can't help but think I'm the lost dalmatian! Decided to wear something comfortable since we'll basically walk around from one grocery aisle to another hence the flats, shortsies, and a loose white shirt. Threw on a jumper to keep me warm since the winter chills' almost here!

Nomnomnom. 'Nuff said.
I cannot even remember the last time I actually bought chocolates on purpose! I blame the coming holidays! It's making me feel a bit child-like! My Auntie even caught me smiling while walking through the isle full of chocolate options! Obviously, it's not my first time in there but I don't know! Last Friday's a different one! I usually just go for M&M's, Cadbury and Snickers but I ended up with Lindt and Reese's this time! Must be my alpha female hormones. And maybe PMS. There. I said it.

iPadpaper | Book One
How cool is this iPhone/iPad inspired twin wire notebook? I've ran out of blank pages on my notebook which I always carry around with me so I needed a replacement. Well I guess for me, some things are still better off handwritten on paper.

Finally got hold of the first book in the series of George R.R. Martin's fantasy novels, A Game of Thrones! This is something new for me in a long while! I just finished watching the television series and that made me decide to start reading while waiting for the next season which will air this Spring 2012! This time I liked the fact that I watched the series first to get a heads up on the setting. It's hard to calibrate and relocate the setting of my alternate reality from something like Forks to an entirely different dimension like Winterfell. Harhar! I'm sure you get my point! ;)

Needless to say, I was one happy girl at the end of the day! I love grocery stores and bookstores! So glad I ended up spending my random Offriday inside both! We went to Dubai Festival City (DFC) by the way, Hyper Panda and BOOKPLUS particularly! Life's simple joys and little surprises, you gotta love 'em!

December 08, 2011

The Anti-Social Diaries

03 december 2011
alone. in one corner of a cafe just a twenty-minute-walk away from my workplace. don't ask why. it's one of the things i just have to do for and with myself. with no apparent or logical reason. i already spent a good half an hour walking around the mall by myself. it has always been therapeutic for me. so now for the second part, a cuppa coffee. for and with myself.
first thing i did was to check my favorite corner, someone beat me to it. there's already an opened book and a whole pad of paper on the table but no one's around. what are the odds. there's an arab lady reading a magazine with a Christmas drink in the opposite corner. a couple of lads seated on the area outside plainly chatting. i headed to the counter and my fave barista was there to take my order. i kind of miss giving out my name to have it written on my cup and brag about misspelling it after. it's not the same here, they call out your coffee as it is: one tall toffee nut latte with extra caramel whip.
the cafe isn't crowded so it's not going to be hard shutting the world before me and creating one of my own in 30 minutes. i sat there on the couch, headset on, cuppa joe in one hand, pen on the other, mind elsewhere, i was on my own in every sense of the word.
let the anti-socializing begin.

While the term anti-social can be deceiving, don't let it fool you. Because that's just what happens to me when I choose to shut down the world before me and enter one of my own. It's where being an anti-social stops being such a negative thought and becomes my twisted definition of alone time. Which I find extra amusing when done in public places, coffee shops, amusement parks, fast food chains, etc. I did say a twisted definition sooo...

In case you're wondering if my anti-socializing ended up successfully, here's what happened:

1) I figured why you don't try western ways on Jaihoers, you just don't. I asked a kiddo if she wanted an m&m while we were standing next to each other waiting for the signal to turn green. Her mother declined my offer and was quick to say no. I understand the little girl's got cough but what set me off was the plain "no" response sans any pleasant emotion. C'mon now, woman. In case you didn't notice, I was trying to be nice. apparently, you're too busy trying not to be. Noted and appreciated. I shall never ever try thy western ways on you, Jaihoers. You never fail to disappoint.

2) I learned about the reason why I never choose latte over frappuccino before. Latte will take extra everything. Extra time to cool down from hot to tolerable hot. Extra companion to talk to while you wait for the tolerable hotness level. Extra effort to finish since it can get pretty overwhelming down the stretch. so, that's why. Keyword is extra. something I cannot afford.... just yet. That's why it's always been frappe.

3) I realized that a mall without a bookstore inside is a mall not worth going to. Or at least a mall not worth spending my afternoons at. Never again.

4) I fully embraced the walker in me. I am such a walker. I walk to my work. To the mall when it's possible. Then walk around inside it some more. To the grocery store across instead of just ordering in. there's something about being a walker that makes a lot of what i am. Whatever that means.

5) How a pair of earphones on you can be such a powerful weapon! I'm not saying no one will try to go against the power it has to shut people out, because apparently lots of them will still try. But at least you've got an excuse for your I-could-not-care-less face and it will be justified.

When I stepped out of the coffee shop and headed back to my workplace, I knew deep inside my head this ain't going to be the first and last. This thing is going to happen again if only for and with myself. I'd probably end up doing this over and over again, once a month perhaps now that I've started. Maybe inside a bookstore next? Hmm. This is going to be an addiction, if not a habit, or new favorite hobby.

I leave you with this. I found out about this video today, while randomly browsing thru blogs. And then it hit me. How appropriate. This entry's been on draft for a week now, I found it lacking of something. Well, not anymore.

Solitude is blessed. Alone is okay. 
Alone. Is. Okay.

December Wish #2

That even if wishing is probably just a waste of time, I still feel like it's valid during this time of the year! So here I am presenting to you my Twisted Grown Up Christmas List, which is basically about the things I really want for Christmas, doesn't get any deeper than that! Plus the last time I did, a happy accident happened and I got exactly what I wished for. So here I am trying my luck and striking whilst the iron is hot!

A little black dress is something any woman must have in her wardrobe, at least that's one of the basics I remember from watching a Tim Gunn make-over-show by accident some time back. Made a mental note to check mine if I do have one and lo and behold, I don't! Panic!!! For your reference, here's an article I found online and the LBD is listed first: Tim Gunn's 10 Essential Elements (Must-Have Basic Wardrobe Pieces for Any Woman).

I can't believe I don't own one. At 25. In a foreign land. In a city of millions at that. I can go on and rant about the reasons why I may not have considered buying one, but that's beside the point now. Because last night, Zara has proven its irresistible charm on poor little me once again - right smack in the middle of my craving-for-LBD-self. I happened to spot these pretty things on their TRF rack and they've never left my imaginary shopping cart since!

Zara TRF Combined Lace Dress
Zara TRF Lace Dress
all images from

I think I forgot to mention what I was actually looking for is a little black lace dress. I've been on a hunt for the longest time and I've had other options too but these two are my current picks! Which one do you like better? I loved the pointed collar on the first one but totally adore the lace brocades and details on the second one especially the drapes on the dress' hemline. (I don't even know if I got the terms right, haha!)

All fingers crossed I'd be able to get me one for the holidays! Even if it's not going to be the choices I've made here. If you know where else I can find them, please feel free to help me out! I'd love that a lot! I could use a little help since I know for sure there is no way Zara is going to be on sale any time soon! HOHOHO! Unless, another dreamgiver will come along! HA, I wish!!!


24 May 2008
Cubao Bus Station // Atimonan Port // Perez Quezon

6AM, we were walking along the busy streets of Cubao to the bus station that will take us to Grand Central Terminal Lucena City. We were relieved to know Ate Cla had reserved us seats already via JAM Liner. So we just met the bus halfway. By 645Am or so, we were off to a long ride to QUEZON PROVINCE! YAY! :D

Approximately a 4-hour travel from the metro, we arrived at the Grand Central Terminal around 1030AM and had our breakfast at Chowking. From the terminal, it's still an hour bus ride to Atimonan Port where we'll be riding a ferry bound to Perez Quezon. Php1/ head, for the tourist fare sum'n, then Php 70 ferry ride. 1230PM, we boarded the ferry scheduled for 1PM departure. And the rest was history.

But of course, it was ALL BLUE! HAHAHA! To the left, right, front, and back. Endless. :) In totale, it was almost a 2-hour ferry ride from Atimonan before we found ourselves inside Sir Ed's humble abode at Perez, Quezon! 315PM, we had our late lunch but gahd! The food's awesome! There's even a lechon! This is what I love most about celebrations and out-of-towns, it;s always BONGGA! Everything is just BONGGA! HAHA!


This is where EVR's place is located, as in nasa bakuran 'yung island. Having a rest house by the beach, complete with the "poso" and "duyan" drama! The good ole probinsyano life! The good life, period! Gusto ko din ng "island home" in the future, like Isle Esme and/or Isle of Capri. The beach is within twenty steps and you even get to have the whole thing to yourself if you'd want to - coolest things ever if you'd ask me!

Across Pacific Ocean
Baliscar Island aka "ROCK ISLAND"

Island's located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Our bangkero made sure we'd get to see the place even from afar so he situated our route towards it. The waves scared the hell out of me but the lighthouse was the catch. I just love lighthouses!!! Too bad you can't step on the island itself, it's not even a possibility! It's kinda dangerous since you can either get smacked by the birds or worst, snakes! So all we have are distant shots, trying to do the *insert your face here* shots! HAHA!


If you have a Philippine Map with you, you'll easily spot the island I'm talking about!!! Yes, everyone! Been to Balesin Island - located across the Pacific Ocean!!! And I still can't believe I sailed across PACIFIC OCEAN! WUHOOO! Bucket list!

From Alabat Island, it was an hour boat ride to the Hidden Boracay of Quezon Province. The ride was cool, it wasn't shaky at all! Though it raned in the middle of our trip. I figured the weather tends to change about three to four ties during a ride from one island to another. Nature's little secrets, I guess! We were soaked wet and we weren't able to see the island itself until we were too close. From a distant, it looked so beautiful already! Like a paradise waiting to be conquered! The moment I stepped my feet on the sand, WOW! It's BREATHTAKING. The fine white sand, the cool clear water, everything is just breathtaking!

The island is privately owned by The Tordessilas clan, officially, The Balesin Corporation. Though we weren't able to explore the whole island, we just settled in a particular place and swam the hours away! We did try to build a sand castle but we failed, haha. And then they buried me deep down, hahaha! Minutes before we left the place, I took my time out and took random photos of myself and the very pristine beach. Thanks to the logs around the place that served as my tripod! Also, shortly after we landed on the sand of Balesin, little miss sunshine showed up! Nature's miracles! So yes! SUNBURNNNNNN!

This remains as one of the most memorable escape for me. It's not everyday you get to sail across the Pacific Ocean with some beer and good company on the side! I can still remember the feeling and I still relive that moment in my mind whenever I can! It's one of the things I've been blessed to experience in this lifetime, one of the many things I am grateful for! That's why sharing the whole thing with y'all is in order! ;)

The Happy Island Hopper! From Alabat to Rock to Balesin back to Alabat! 
Quezon Province, Philippines

December 05, 2011

Story of a Sunday


Early morning mass. Random roadtrip to the beach. Open beaches. Sand on my feet. Sun against my eyes. Slight winter breeze upon my cheeks. Sound of the rushing waves. Shirtless sixfooterish with the sexiest accent in town. Suddenly Santorini backdrop. Burj Al Arab. Atlantis Hotel. The Palm Jumeira. Breakfast dates at Ikea. Cuppa joe of my choice. Adorable kiddo next table. His "see you later" to his momma. Kiddo watching slash eavesdropping. Dubai's skyscrapers under the Emirates morning sun. Michael Learns To Rock playlist. Quality time with the family. Quiet time with The Main Man. WOW. I could get used to Sundays like these.

December 04, 2011

December Wish

ZARA Basic Handbag in blue
Well, the long list has to start somewhere...

I saw this basic handbag from our local Zara shop last month. I wanted to buy it right away - the color, the structure, the texture, the size and the style, it's exactly what I've been looking for to replace Redherring the Duffel Bag as my everyday companion. But I was quickly reminded of my concert splurge aka The Script at Sandance already happening on the same month. I strictly follow an unwritten pact about my retail therapy, I only get to spoil myself once a month and under a certain budget. So, with all the self-discipline I wasn't aware I have in store, I put the pretty little thing - which happens to be the last piece of its kind in blue - back on its rack and told my sister I will just come back for it next month and prayed so hard for it to still be available by that time.

Fortunately, upon my December store visit last time, it's still there!!! So any wish-granters out there? Yuhoo!

You know you love me,

Wishing y'all a grand finale for 2011, all-December-long! Love and blessings! xx

November 29, 2011

TDUG: What I Wore to Sandance

SANDANCE Festival is an all day & night dance music festival hosted by Atlantis Palm Dubai at the Nasimi Beach. Every once in a while they will come up with an event filled with a powerful line-up of DJs and performers to entertain a group of people they call Sandancers from sunset to the break of dawn. Once they start rollin' there's no stoppin' and you literally go dancing in the sand hence the name.

From its definition, you'd have an idea on what to wear to events like these. Setting's going to be by the beach so you wouldn't want to be all covered up. You can either dress down and go for the casual beach look or go over the top by rocking the "beach glamorous" in every sense of the word.

I have had a total of 3 outfit changes. What I'd like to call Pre-Sandance, At Sandance, and Post-Sandance. I can be that fickle-minded.

Pre Sandance. We came all the way from Sharjah, where you cannot be seen wearing shorts in public. So here's my "commuter" look:

Jellybean checkered blazer | Zara top | H&M treggings | Zara flats

At Sandance. I initially planned on just dropping the pants and popping the orange skort, which was my original look. I wanted to be a Danny Girl, a blazer-wearing-fella! But I had a change of heart when I realized my colors were actually day colors and the sun's setting already. Hence this look. Amazing what bold accessories can do to polish your outfit. A little bit of make-up wouldn't hurt too.

Zara TRF shirt | H&M shorts | Zara flats

I got this shirt on sale! You know how much I love statement shirts! Especially the one written here! I loved the irony that comes with wearing it to The Script concert the most! How can you possibly SMILE MORE while they go bleed their hearts out and sing those heartbreaking songs to you! HA! The gold details of the letters added the right amount of glam I wanted to have since the shorts' already as plain as it gets. I had to pull my tucked-in out cos it got a bit too hot to handle. I needed some air hence the crop-top-inspired look.

Post Sandance. Since I cried my heart out, danced crazily at some point, I ended up all sweaty after The Script's set, I felt the need to change, hopefully for the last time that night. Taddah! I loved how the ruffles on my top complimented the horizontal pleats of my shorts! Mix of textures to give a classy look to a plain on plain ensemble! This is actually my original Danny girl look, sans the blazer. Which I ended up wearing eventually during our bus ride, finally going our way home.

Zara top | H&M shorts | Zara flats

Which of the look do you like the most? I am kind of laughing to myself how I can't stick to one look in one night. Who does that?! Though I hope I was able to give justice to "beach glamorous" somewhere in between those 3 outfit changes! I personally loved how the last one turned out! And how it complimented the red spotlights lights all over the place that night!

And now, I leave you with this. A video made by Teen, our version of a Sandance! See you on the sand! 

Have an awesome midweek ahead, folks! Off to a Wednesdate with my sister and Edward Cullen tomorrow! Exciteddd! :)

November 25, 2011

Green Stranger in the Night

Strangers in the night, exchanging glances
Wondering in the night, what were the chances
We'd be sharing love before the night was through

Something in your eyes was so inviting
Something in your smile was so exciting
Something in  my heart told me I must have you

So funny when it just occurred to me how this will pass for the perfect soundtrack of that night, that bus ride between me and a certain "green stranger in the night". I'm washing the dishes and my sister kept singing random songs when it just hit me. That glorious feeling of having a song, finding the lyrics to remind you of a certain memory, a particular story.

How many people find each other everyday?

The Sandance 2011 night has already come to an end. I was reluctant to take the shuttle bus rides cos I'm stubborn like that, I wanted to take a cab right away. Anei and Teen however were the more logical ones and insisted we give it a look first and see from there. I couldn't be more thankful we did take a look first cos what we saw, err, who we saw inside made the decision for us! *snickers* There were 3 stations by the way; Jumeira Beach Residences, Old Town (Downtown) Dubai, and one more I can't seem to recall right now. Mostly because it was unfamiliar so that last one's not really an option anymore.

We headed straight in to the bus which read Downtown Dubai, settled ourselves to the seats paralleled to Mr. Decision-Maker: a good-looking fair-skinned lad in a plain white tee, printed green board shorts and slippers. He was already having a conversation with his seatmates when I started staring him down, unconsciously. I know it's never polite to stare, pardon me kind sir, but our situation left me with no other choice. In my defense, even if I wanted to, how can I possibly engage you in a convo when I'm far across the aisle? I would've liked it very much to re-enact a classic Jamie Sullivan - Landon Carter scene right there and then, the "Is this your idea of a small talk?" bus scene! It was a 45-minute bus ride, we could've talked about a mill things had I been on the bus a tad earlier, had I been seated next to you instead of the stolid window.

After lots of staring, stolen glances, sweet smiles, shy looks, and major eavesdropping, which went both ways, I realized the ride's about to end anytime soon. I better come up with something, anything! And just when we were nearing the bus stop, someone made a scene that semi-involved him. A fellow passenger couldn't help himself and vommed out on his side of the bus! He totally freaked out! Well, who wouldn't!!! He stood up on reflex and uttered, "Nice work!" The whole bus felt his strain and relief, at least somehow it wasn't directed right on his (pretty) face. And that's when I had my chance! I was able to share a line with him cause he shifted position bringing him physically closer to me, making the encounter possible. I told him, "You're still lucky the vom didn't land on your face." He was like, "Yeah. That would've made my day!" and the whole bus shared a good laugh, loud HAHAHA's! That's also when my sister had her chance to insert herself in the picture. She's always with a tictac pack so given the situation he recently had, candies would make a huge difference, if not a great help, to lighten up his mood! She asked him if he wants some... I guess you know what happened next - a tictac moment shared. Only time's not on our side and before we know it, he's back talking to his mates and we're about to go our separate ways. Needless to say, my coming up with something, anything didn't really well, came up. That's where and when our ride and story ended.

Or so I thought....


You may wonder why I cared to share these photos from last night again. Let me tell you why, if it's not quite obvious already. We were feeling kind of sad since we did nothing so we have nothing to remind ourselves of Green Stranger in the Night but memories on our minds. No name, no anything. No final kiss to seal anything. Not until we started browsing thru the photos by the time we reached home. We were all so shocked and surprised to see a familiar figure on the background!


Well, hello there, Mister Decision-Maker! What a very pleasant surprise! Turns out you and fate and everything in between left me with something to hold on to after all. And even if there's only that slightest of the slight chance that comes with wishing for this, I'd take it. If and when you, kind sir, happen to stumble upon this humble blog of mine anytime soon or further in the future...  It was so nice semi-meeting you, Green Stranger in the Night. So nice. Love, Miss Onlooker-in-a-Blazer. PS. Please don't freak out. I just really like telling stories, s'all. This is just how I roll.

How many people find each other everyday? How many...
The Girl in the City.

November 24, 2011

A Post Script to The Script

"I'm still in shock, what have you done?"
Exit Wounds, The Script

Still nursing a hangover from the Sandance event. I don't know if it's a proud moment or a pathetic gesture. The night and everything in between caught me off guard. I guess one can never ever be prepared for something so awesome than you have ever imagined - when you got more than what you bargained for. Not going to lie. I was kind of anxious going to the event. I don't do events. I have never been into a full blown night of socializing, free flowing drinks and the works in my life. Not back in Pinas, definitely not in here! So it was quite understandable that it took me a month to decide on what to wear, how to style my hair and what exactly do they mean by "beach glamorous". Also, I had to stress about what "door policy applies" actually mean, can you believe that? Well, you better. You get the picture? How losery, I know...


Since none of us drives, let alone owns a car, we had to master the art of commuting from Sharjah to Dubai, hence the several outfit changes. 1st stop : SHJ Bus Station. My sister and I had to wear pants first, Teenie had to wear her tights until we're finally in Dubai where shorts and dresses can finally be worn by women freely and legally. 2nd stop: Dubai Metro Train. Outift change and grabbed us some BK lovin' along Internet City. 3rd stop: Finally Atlantis. We were able to talk down a cabbie to take us from Internet City toNasimi Beach, thank heavens. Now we only have to worry about the fare and arriving there on time! It was a smooth ride until we made the turn to the Atlantis area. Believe me, it's like a new city amidst the city. Think Beverly Hills and maybe NYC... Traffic's already piling up and before we know it we're side by side with a frickin' limo on the road!Complete with chauffer, drinks and loud music! Then not long time after, a top-down car with blonde girls raising their drinks and dancing to their own music while holding out their iPhones and BBs. You can just imagine how many times I swallowed non-existing lumps on my throat. Whoa. At least I got my gold hoop earrings on. This is going to be an interesting night!


We arrived at the venue just when the sun has set and the crowd's already growing by the minute. The moment we stepped down the cab, we knew it's going to take a whole lot of confidence to brave through an unfamiliar territory which we were about to treat ourselves into. Warm groups of happy people were walking alongside us, making our way thru the vast parking lot towards the entrance gates. It was a refreshing sight to see an entirely different crowd and we weren't even inside the venue yet! Boys clad in puruntong shorts, plain tees, and flip-flops. Girls in dresses, shortsies, slip-ons. Wow. It doens't feel like we're in the Middle East at all! Oh man, I should have been informed! It wasn't like I'm not expecting any of it, it's just that I had no idea that such exists!


 It took us a while to drink in the atmosphere. We couln't help giggling and smiling to ourselves! Who would say no to a sea of beautiful people and sexy accents? Not me! Let's get this night started! We started walking around. Bumping into random strangers. Looking out and not blending in at first. It was all too much to take for a first time socializer. At one point, you'd see someone shocked to see someone familiar and then they'll introduce each other to their respective groups. One girl's dancing carelessly on the sand, a drink on her hand, amidst the crowd. One couple's dancing so intimately like no one else is around to see how close and closer they are getting already. The rest are just off having a fun, crazy night and it's about time we join the club!


There were few open bars in the area so we finally decided to get a drink so we can start settling in. Anei and I had beer while Teenie opted for a Vodka drink. Can't believe I'm sharing a night out with a beer on the side with my littlest sister already! She's really a grown up now. She's actually the one always on the lookout since my poor eyesight can really be a liability during night time. I love her and totally loved the fact that we just shared our first grown up night together! It was just as memorable for Teenie cos believe it or not, it's her first concert experience ever! Couldn't get any happier to be sharing another first with her!


As The Script concert came to an end, we made our way out of the crowd. Very timely, Use Somebody's on the background. I kid you not when I say there were lots of somebody out there! But with the massive amount of people almost everywhere, it will be very tricky to pick just one somebody so we ended up with nobody but ourselves. HA! We decided to go straight back into the elevated part of the beach, overlooking the crowd, as well as the Dubai skyline. It's about time we give our legs some rest! We didnt realize we have been standing all night long already! And just when you thought the night couldn't get any better, the skyline's suddenly beaming with neon lights as the fireworks display started! It was the most perfect way to put an end to the already amazing night! I wouldn't want and have it in any other way!


November 18, you have no idea how happy you've made me. I'm not even sure where I'm getting here. I just basically want to immortalize these moments thru photos and words, for future reference. For in any time I might be feeling a little too low, I will have this to remember. Seeing your favorite band perform live. Singing and bleeding your heart out. Dancing in the sand. Being by the beach. Overlooking the Dubai skyline. Having the perfect company. Blasting some real good music. Meeting a lot of beautiful people. All in one sparkling, flawless night of November. Not so bad for a postscript if you ask me. So now, can you blame me if I am nowhere near the moving on phase? Hmm. That's what I thought.

"I'm not moving... I'm not moviiinnnggg...."
The Man Who Can't Be Moved, The Script

November 23, 2011


NO WORDS - so I'll just let my emotions flow and pray they give justice to what has been the awesomest night of my life yet! Five days and I still feel uneasy, my heart's filled with so much joy that it's just going to explode from too much happiness and I'm not even exaggerating. I have had a week of sleepless nights prior to November 18! Who says only the band members experience pre-concert-jitters? An FYI, fangirls too, in more ways than one. And here I am, close to a weeksary still suffering from an intense fictional disease called HHFH (However Hardcore Fangirl Hangover). I guess it's safe to say that I will never ever look at and listen to The Script the same way ever again. Never. Ever. Again. Aaaaah, my fangirl heart!!!

Can you blame me? We're talking about The Script here! I don't know why some time back in August, I found myself wishing for a fangirl experience with them! Somehow leaving it up to law of attraction after that. At least I did my part of wishing...


I don't even know when, how, why and most especially where! Will it be back home? In Dublin? Somewhere else? Who woulda thunk that some two months after, I'd live to see the day when these Irish boyfs would tweet about this...


The day @thescript announced their gigs for November on Twitter, and one of them's happening in Dubai, I knew I have to be in that concert! Not going is not an option! Good thing I had exactly one month to prepare and outsource to have November 18 done my way! Thankful for my job that doesn't only pay the rent - but also pays for my overpriced fangirl fuel! Thankful for friends and family who's been so supportive of my fangirl stints. Thankful for good company, perfect venue, beautiful crowd that night. Thankful for everything that has made November 18 possible!

The anticipation lived up to every bit of expectation I have had for that night! I haven't been to a live concert in so long since I got here in the Emirates, when I used to go to one at least once or twice a year back in the Philippines. So you can only imagine how I freaked out when I found out that I will have THE SCRIPT as my first live international concert experience! (!!! !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!)

The Script. I don't think they'd fit any definition so you just have to trust one fangirl's instinct on this! Believe me when I say I have nothing but love for these Irish boyfs Mark, Glen and Danny! That seeing them live for the very first time meant everything to me! I never actually realized that until a week before their gig, ultimately the night before! I haven't felt that way towards anything for the longest time!

From the moment M stepped on stage, G sat on his drum corner, D made his Sandance entrance then announced that "We are The Script from Dublin, Ireland..." up to the time they took their trademark bow as the show came to an end while D and M made us sing to fade an acapella version of For The First Time's "Oooooh these times are hard, they are making us crazy, don't give up on me baby", I swear during those times, we were infinite!!!


We were able to squeeze ourselves further down the front line since the rest of the crowd's still busy dancing while the DJ's doing his stuff! Before we know it, it's 8P already and we're minutes away from infinity! When we finally realized it's the closest we can get, we decided to stay right there and that's when we figured, for the first time that night, how our position's close enough to see Danny's pretty face in detail! As it turns out, it's just going to be an arm length or two away from ours! This night just keeps getting better and better!

When the first song's played, which is "You Won't Feel A Thing", I was just too busy convincing myself that I'm actually living one of my dreams at the moment! I'm watching, seeing, hearing, experiencing The Script... live!!! And it really didn't help that Danny's spectacular that night! First song and I'm already lost in trance! This handsome lad can do it all at once, and surely is sizzling hot while at it! Mark's so cute especially his facial expressions!!! He kept looking at the crowd and can't seem to believe what he's seeing! He's all over the place, headbangin'! I loved how he made the "Nothing" introduction. Audio's a bit low since it's an open area but I figured he said the same thing about Danny's Drunk Dialing. He's holding his cuppa beer, asked the crowd who's currently drunk and if we know how dangerous alcohol can be, especially to a guy like Danny, who's sitting like a little baby on the platform. Then he raised his cup before strumming his way to the song! When Glen started his drum solo somewhere along Rusty Halo, I lost it! I was dancing like a crazy person to the point of annoyance! Sorry girl at my back, I just had to. You kept on pushing me anyways so I guess we're even. HAHA! Good good times!!!

I thought I'd cry over The Man Who Can't Be Moved, but maybe I'm just too happy to be sentimental that I just sang with them and drank them in, sans all the unnecessary emotions! Before The Worst's when the guys around me started to outsang us girls! I loved it so much that I made sure I took a mental video of how they seem to have been to that place a mill times over already to pour that kind of emotion over a song! D, M, and G were one with the crowd. For once, the screaming girls took a backseat. When it's finally winding down, fellas around us started to realize they haven't sung Breakeven! They started asking if they just missed out or they really just haven't, so they're all like "They haven't sang Breakeven, yes?" Shouts to the stage, "No, you have to sing Breakeven! You have tooooo!!!" And then we all kinda freaked out when we heard a familiar intro... FINALLY BREAKEVEN! And just like that, a sea of 11 thousand people were standing and singing alone together, as if their hearts are currently being broken unevenly right there and then. It was so beautiful, so so so beautiful. Heartbreaking but very, very beautiful.

I knew the set's already coming to an end after that but I wasn't sad about it. I enjoyed every bit of each superb performance! It was altogether satisfying that I didn't find myself asking for more. It was all so good. So beautiful. So amazing. So real and unreal at the same time. After Breakeven, lights went out and they all just disappeared from the stage! Of course we knew they'd come back! They have to come back!


And that they did! When D hit those keys, spotlights' all on him, we knew we're up to a good finale, as we will all "start by drinking old cheap bottles of wine"!!! How can it be more appropriate!!! We met a few people during the entire time so when the lines, "We just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time" would come up, we'd go around facing random strangers around us, as if we're dedicating the song to each other! I can still smell the memory of it all. As if it's just today. As if it's just about to happen. That feeling you know you would miss even if you never felt it. That's how it was for me that night!

When they all held hands, took the bow and D said his final words of goodbye, thankyou, and I love you, I knew I was indeed and undeniably and definitely, the happiest fangirl in town!!! They made their exit as we sang the last lines, "Ooooohh, these times are hard, they are making us crazy, don't give up on me babyyyy...." lead by Mark and Danny! Danny made his last slow spin dance move, and Mark hit Glen's cymbals using his hand which served as an exclamation point that put an end to the night.

And even if you wish it will never come to an end, it has to. You can only hope that you've made the most out of the chance. And I surely did, folks. Surely did. Let me borrow M's words...

"Atlantis Hotel Dubai, you were unreal! Big love, M"

Likewise, Irish boyfs! No words, J.

There were several times during the concert when M, G, and D were all in disbelief, we were all wondering why. They'd exchange overwhelmed looks and super sweet smiles, and we still wonder why. I guess now I know why... You Irish Boyfs, youuu! Too sweet, too sweeeeeet...

This is one of those times. Look at D's face on the screen...

images from nasimi beach news facebook page

Eleven thousand people. I guess what made the night extra interesting is the fact that all 11 thousand of us will probably have nothing else in common save for The Script's music. There's no general way to address us except as Sandancers, who clearly went to Sandance to experience The Script that night. We were united by their lyrics, bonded by the same emotion of each song, intertwined by their melodies, and joined by same untold stories of our lives... We were all BUT The Script that night. The Script's what defined us all. How magical! No wonder they were all so emotional. It was such a beautiful sight. I am so thankful I got to be a part of this awesome crowd. So so so thankful!!! And if anyone out there's reading this now and you happened to be a part of this night too, please shine some love and hit me up! I'd like to share this memory with you! :)

And oh, in case I forgot to mention it plainly, here it goes...
The Script @ Sandance is nothing much. Just the BEST. CONCERT. EVER. BESTCONCERTEVER. That is all!
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