October 24, 2010

The Hanging House

Batad, Banaue Day 1

This is The Hanging House. When we were still a few blocks away, we were all saying, why put a house in that area?! One quake or one heavy storm would wash this away... But that's actually the catch. It's one of the many landmarks in Banaue. Where souvenir stuff were sold and where Ifugao kiddos are everywhere! The kiddos are soooooooo love! They were smiling and bubbly all the while! Aaaaawww.. Glad they were there when we got there. Had a chance to chitchat and take piccies with them too.

Also, this was the place where Mark told us things about their lifestyles. The nganga, ikmo leaf, and *insert one more here* HAHA! The nganga makes your lips uber red BUT doesn't taste good and blackens your teeth in the long run. But then again, it's one of the tradition up there, that's just how it is. So wonder no more if you'll be seeing people with red-hot-lips everywhere! Haha. :))

Love the scene up there. Cool breeze from the greenies. The sun rays hitting my face directly but I felt no heat at all. You'll be overwhelmed by the view that you won't even bother to complain about how hot it is or how difficult the way is.

This is just the beginning of the trek. Can hardly wait for moooooooore!

TBD's first stop: Hanging out in the Hanging House. Banaue, Philippines, May 2007.

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